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Oct 29, 2017

[200+] Final Year Projects for Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering or CSE has become number 1 choice of students in recent years. Due to boom in technology and application market more and more students are opting for Computer Science engineering branch. There is a very tough competition between students to make best final year projects for Computer Science branch and every one is working very hard to achieve it. It is always best to make final year project on the topic which interests you most. Like someone may like to develop an application on Java whereas another student may like to build the project on Android application. You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Final-Yearproject.com provides various final year project related help like documentation, project report, coding and other reference material and in this post, you will see various project ideas for Computer Engineering. So, just scroll down and start exploring best & latest final year project topics for CSE. Download links are also added wherever available.

Final Year Projects for Computer Engineering

Find Computer Engineering Project as per Technology

Andriod Linux AI ASP .NET CSS


Computer Engineering Projects for Download

Woman Security System
Android Safety Application using GPS & Messaging System
Android based Remote Programmable Sequential
CSE Project on Remote Server Monitoring System for Corporate Data Centers
CSE Project on Online Voting / Polling System
Seminar on Latest Features of Smart Cards and Intelligent Tokens
An Automated Patients Records Keeping Management
Intelligent Online Tutoring System
Computer Science Project on SRMS OS
Project on Cable Operator Management System
A Video Rental System VB Project
Computerized Accounts Reporting System VB Project Code
Android Application Platform Installation with its Development
GAIC Algorithm for IRIS Comparison & Implementation with Matlab
ASP based Training & Placement Cell Management Project
Java Project on Virtual Classroom
Mobile Banking System
Project on LiFi (Light Fidelity) Technology
Mining E-Business to Enhance Market Strategies of Company
ASP.Net based Income Tax Returns Processing Project
VB based Garment Management System
Internet Based Testing Management System using ASP.Net
Project on Classifieds website
Super Market Management in VB
Framework of Patient Monitoring System
Hacking Prevention using Positive Tainting
IT Project on Image Morphing
Placement Management System
Human Resource Management System
Security System for DNS Using Cryptography
Customer Care Administration CSE Project
Visual Cryptographic Steganography in Images With Coding
CSE Project on Web Browser
XAMPP based Matrimonial Site - MCA Project
Cronymail.com : Internet based Mailing Website
Analysis of Classification & Clustering Algorithms
HTML Compactor CSE Mini Project
Customer Call Tracking System CSE Project Report
Code on Ensuring Data Storage Security with Database
Distributed E-Healthcare System Java Project
Report on Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
Full Report on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
School Health Care System VB Project
LGI Monitoring System CSE Project Report
Web Enabled Dynamic Agricultural Market Information
Web Enabling of Teachers Tracking
PHP Project on Video Streaming
VB based Medical Store Project
Android Operating System at Mobile based Search Engine
J3ME & Bluetooth Enabled Mobile based Full Duplex Automation System
Secure Routing Techniques for MANETs
Study of Computer Graphics under C
Presentation on Corporate Recruitment System (CRS)
Accelerating Ranking System using Web graph
Android OS based Search Engine CSE Project Report
Design of Optical Switch Router
Bank Management System VB & SQL Project
Cold Boot Attack CSE Seminar Report
Device Switching Using PC’s Parallel Port CSE Project
Peer to Peer (P2P) Online Communities CSE Project
Portable Media Player M.Tech Project
Telecom Management System CSE Project
Weekly Automatic College Timetable Generation CSE Project
Evolutionary Algorithmical Approach for VLSI Floorplanning Problem
Workload Management System Thesis Project
VB Project on Automobile Utilization
Generic SQL Explorer CSE Project Report
Project Code on Corporate Recruitment System (CRS)
ASP Project on Automatic Share Transaction
Automated Testing of CGFC CPU Modules
CSE Project on Bandwidth Economiser
Atmospheric Temperature Prediction using Support Vector Machines
Assessment Emulator CSE Project
Project Code on Visa Processing System
Corporate Recruitment System (CRS) ASP Project
Hierarchical Possibilistic Clustering
CSE Seminar on Link State Generation using Antnet Algorithm
PHP Project on Spam Filter Email Program
ASP Dot Net Project on Visa Processing
SAP based Online Promotion Examination IT Project
VB Project on Employee Management System
ASP Project on Picture Album
ASP Dot Net based Online Examination Test Generator
Promoting Can 2.0 For College Campus ECE Project Report
Online Mobile Phone Shop ASP Project
Customer Query Track ASP Project
Automobile EMI Management System CSE ASP.Net Project
Online Tax Information System ASP.Net CSE Project
Java based Online Tendering CSE Project Report
Order Tracking System Computer Science Project
Design of an Intranet Mail Client System CSE Project Report
Fiber Optics based Computer Network
Web based Supply Chain Management System ASP Project
AGNOSCO DOEACC O Level Website Based Project
Gold Code Generator for Wireless Systems ECE Project
IP Telephony CSE Seminar Report
Distributed Databases CSE Seminar Report
Parking Management System using SSME Approach CSE Project
Karnaugh Map Using C++ CSE Project

More Computer Engineering Project Ideas

Social Media Manipulation and Deterrence
Product Analytics and search engine
Mobile payment system and introduction to a “Cashless” Mobile Payments using Bluetooth
Unified Identification System with POC
Android App for Question Papers and Academic updates
Real-time Eye Tracking Mouse
Lost Item Tracking Device
Cloud based home automation using android client
Signature Recognition & Verification Using ANN(Artificial Neutral Network)
E-Exam System Based on Android
Airport Network Flight Scheduler
Attendance Management Application
Spam Image detection with near duplication
Cancer Prediction Using Data Mining
Using Data Mining To Improve Consumer Retailer Connectivity
Hybrid Payment Security Model For E-Commerce
Card Payment Security Using RSA
Using Data Mining To Improve Consumer Retailer Connectivity
Mobile Networks Load Balancing
Social Media Community Using Optimized Clustering Algorithm
Bus Pass with webcam Scan
Hybrid Payment Security Model For eCommerce
Cloud Based Online Blood Bank System
Cursor Movement On Object Motion
Fingerprint Authenticated Secure Android Notes
E Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP
Weather Forecasting Using Data Mining
Hotel Reservation Android
eCommerce Product Rating Based On Customer Review Mining
Multi Coverage Broadcast
Cloud Based Career Guidance System
Image Mining Project
Secure Backup Software System
College Social Networking Web Project
Data Standardization Using Hidden Markov Model
Online Pizza Ordering System
School Security System (SSS) using RFID
Twitter Trend Analysis Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Symptom Based Clinical Document Clustering by Matrix Factorization
Voice Logger Software Project
Software Piracy Protection Project
Detecting Edges Using Image Processor
Three Level Password Authentication System
Android Battery Saver System
Canteen Automation System
Filtering political sentiment in social media from textual information
Storage/Energy efficient Cloud Computing
SQL Injection Prevention Project
Optical character extraction under different illumination conditions
Image Steganography With 3 Way Encryption
Online Bookstore System On Cloud Infrastructure
Fingerprint Based ATM System
Financial Status Analysis Using Credit Score Rating
Advanced Intelligent Tourist Guide
Sports Events Management Platform for Colleges
Expression Identification Using Image Processing
Detecting Phishing Websites Using Machine Learning
eBanking Log System
Industrial Visit Planning & Booking System
Fingerprint Voting System Project
Orange Fruit Recognition Using Image Segmentation
Website Evaluation Using Opinion Mining
Farming Assistance Web Service
RFID Parking System Using Android
Dental Caries Detection System
Android Based Encrypted SMS System
Video Surveillance Project
Online Ebook Maker Project
Detecting eBanking Phishing Websites Using Associative Classification
Crime Rate Prediction Using K Means
Document Sentiment Analysis Using Opinion Mining
Detecting Fraud Apps Using Sentiment Analysis
Public News Droid
Class Management System Project
Cancer Prediction Using Data Mining
Wireless Data Handling And Management
Intelligent Tourist System Project
Android Anti-Virus Application
Vehicle Tracking Using Driver Mobile Gps Tracking
Employee Hourly Attendance By Barcode Scan
Secure Online Auction System
Bus Pass with Barcode Card scan
TV Show Popularity Analysis Using Data Mining
Android Smart Ticketing Using Rfid
Graphical Password To Avoid Shoulder Surfing
Evaluation of Academic Performance of Students with Fuzzy Logic
Attack Source Tracing Project
Corporate Dashboard Project
Public Photography Contest With Live Voting
Engineering College Automation and Scheduling System
Question paper generator system
Personality Prediction System Through CV Analysis
Android location alarm
Secure Electronic Fund Transfer Over Internet Using DES
Sentiment Analysis for Product Rating
Employee attendance System By Qr Scan
Brain Tumor Detection Using Image Segmentation
Cooking Recipe Rating Based On Sentiment Analysis
Diabetic Retinopathy Detection From Retinal Images
Cloud Based Local Train Ticketing System
E-Learning Platform using Cloud Computing
Symbol Recognition Using Matlab
Digital Watermarking Project
Mobile(location-based) Advertisement System
Online Printed T-Shirt Designing
Cloud Based Bus Pass System
Smart Health Consulting Project
Cloud computing for Rural banking
User Web Access Records Mining For Business Intelligence
Image Encryption For Secure Internet Transfer
Quality checking using image processing
Preventing Phishing Attack On Voting System Using Visual Cryptography
Android Bluetooth Chat
Android Vehicle Tracking Application
Student Information Chatbot Project
Intelligent Tourist Guide
Student Attendance System By Qr Scan
Encryption & Decryption Using Diffie Hellman Algorithm
Online Visiting Card Creation Project
Graphical Password Strategy
iPad Restaurant Application
MLM Project
Hotel Management Android Project
Graphical Password By Image Segmentation
Mobile Network Stability
Advanced Tour Guide
Smart Health consulting system
Data Duplication Removal Using File Checksum
Festival Calendar System with Business Promotion

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