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Oct 21, 2017

MBA Project on Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management on Kotak Mahindra Group is a good project report for Management students. The Indian Life Insurance company has seen a remarkable shift since the time of establishment of the first company, Oriental Life Insurance company in 1823. At the time of Independence and thereafter, there were more than 200 companies operating in India and not all of them on sound ethical principles. Many factors combined together to prompt the then Government to nationalize the life insurance industry in 1956 to form the Life Insurance Corporation of India. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

MBA Project on Working Capital Management

The analysis from the 1st part allows depth information on the on-job teaching provided the competing investigation connected with merchandise connected with Kotak Mahindra Older Mutual Term life insurance Ltd. together with ICICI Prudential Term life insurance. Also, investigation connected with economic statements.

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The paper begins by analyzing the current scenario in the industry characterized by problems with distribution, low investor awareness and concentration of corporate investors.

Next portion, an evaluation in the Mutual Account Industry along with international requirements discloses the industry even now even comes close unfavorably along with produced countries when it comes to transmission, buyer recognition in addition to diversity connected with products as well as the extent people connected with threat managing approaches. Further comparability discloses the perspective connected with regulator to buyer safety as well as the governance connected with communal finances have reached par along with international requirements.

The paper then analyzes the future expectations from the mutual fund industry in terms of increased investor awareness, product diversity and improvement in penetration and distribution. This report also includes SWOT analysis, sampling plan, data collection, file work plan etc. Use this report for your reference and study work only.

The Basic objective of cash management is two-fold:

• To meet the cash disbursement needs (payment schedule);
• To minimize funds committed to cash balances.

These are conflicting and mutually contradictory and the task of cash management is to reconcile them.

This MBA project report is for reference and study purpose only.




  1. Thanks a lot. this may help me to do my project.

  2. Hi sir i want project report on investment analysis of SBI or Mutual Funds & Analysis of Risk Return or if u have any other projects bases on (Finance Management) plz send me


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