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About Us

Final-YearProject.com is not a new name to any engineering and MBA students or for students who are searching project in any area. All know about this resourceful website which is helping everyone in their final semester project, mid term project and training project, but only few know how it came into existence.

This site was born as the result of project search only. One young Engineer was searching for project ideas for his final year and on searching he found that there were not enough resources which can help students in making their final year project and report. So he started his own blog in blogspot and started taking project reports and ideas from his college friends.

Some friends encouraged him and some just laugh. And this is how Final-YearProject.com was born and now continue to grow day by day. We have more than 26k+ email subscribers and 19k+ Facebook fans. We have more than 2,300+ project reference in our blog.

Aim of Final-YearProject.com

The main objective of the Final Year Project is to provide reference material to every engineer and MBA students and so that they can help themselves in making their project. We provide every project material on our site for FREE.

Now in these 4 years, many students have joined hands with us and are providing their final year project report, circuit and other detail for reference, so that other students can get help with their project.

Our visitors are mainly 3rd and final year students of Engineering branches, like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Instrumentation, Wireless, Computer Science, IT, Bio-Tech, etc.

We have also added project section for MBA and Pharmacy, so that the students pursuing these fields can also get free project material on our site.

If you want to submit your own project to us, you can do so by e-mailing the project material to us and we will be happy to publish it with your name on the project as an author.

Don't forget to share the word with your friends about our website if they ask you for Final Year Project and do subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by email for more such projects and seminar.

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