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Jun 2, 2013

VB based Garment Management System

Garment Management System is a software package in visual basic 6, which can be utilized widely by various clothe organizations. It's great for right maintenance associated with records & everyday dealings usually are recorded. Within this world-wide market place, competition is usually increasing that's why engineering plays a vital position with advancement associated with individual key market. This advanced inventory management programs meet such all needs associated with right safe-keeping associated with everyday records & financial transaction. Usage of advanced technique associated with everyday ultimately it's going to decrease toil needs & occasion ingestion which could result in create overall economy. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get latest project and seminar on email for FREE.

Garment Management System

This system gives true values to the user about their final goods which is the main objective of the system. In this system you can sell your final goods & also buy the raw materials from the market. It also provides some different facility.

The scope include stock keeping update along with making bills, sales & purchase records of the different raw material required for production. This system releases the burden of keeping the manual records of the stock available in the warehouse. The record kept by the system is precise & the record is updated as real time.

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This project report on garment management system contains scope of the system, analysis, system design (ER diagram, context level diagram, data flow diagram, file design), form design, advantages etc. Use this BCA report for your reference and help purpose.

Author:- Ravi Yadav



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