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May 27, 2013

Internet Based Testing Management System using ASP.Net

This project has been developed on Web Application with ASP.Net. for an Internet Based Testing with essential management requirements of user using ASP.Net & Microsoft Visual basic 6.0 as front end and MS-SQL Server 7.0 as backend. This system will introduce full management of an Internet Based Testing having Examinees Registration section, Examination section and Report generation system of a university. This is a Web-based project and the proposed system falls under RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) category. You can also subscribe to our newsletter using below link for latest project on your mailbox.

This project is a Web based (Online) application and has some features for the Administrator side who is the user himself such as searching, displaying, and keeping details of a particular student regarding an examination System.
Also the project must be useful from the management point of view for viewing all examination activities.

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The following are the main objectives of the project :

1. To conduct the Internet Based Testing of respective modules of a given course.
2. To maintain the marks obtained by the students in each module.
3. To maintain the center, Enrollment No. and date wise reports.
4. Test can be administered from any Internet Ready Computer.

This report contains data flow diagram, E-R diagram, DFD and codes to some modules. The Proposed project being a Customized and Generalized it can be configured to be adapted in any kind of Internet based Testing whether it is a specialized one or a large one or a small one with limited no students. Use this project for your reference and study only.



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