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May 19, 2013

Seminar on Automatic Air Suspension

The air suspension system is an air-operated, microprocessor controlled suspension system. Air ride suspension carries the load on each axle with a pressurized air bag much like a high pressure balloon. This system replaces the conventional coil spring suspension and provides automatic front and rear load leveling. The 4 air springs, made of rubber and plastic, support the vehicle load at the front and rear wheels. Suspensions that have steel or torsion springs that are supplemented by the use of air bags are not considered air suspensions. There are combination systems that have both air and steel springs.

Automatic Air Suspension

A suspension system comprises springs, shock absorbers and linkages. This suspension connects an automobile to its wheels. The suspension systems not only help in the proper functioning of the car's handling and braking, but also keep vehicle occupants comfortable and make your drive smooth and pleasant. It also protects the vehicle from wear and tear.

There are two types of suspension systems- dependent and independent. A dependent suspension comprises a beam that holds wheels parallel to each other and perpendicular to the axle. An independent suspension helps in the rising and falling movement of the wheels.

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Objective of air suspension system are as follows:

1. A suspension system prevents road shocks from being transmitted to the vehicle, its inmates and the automotive components.
2. It helps to protect and safeguard the inmates of the vehicles on sub-terranean and difficult road terrains.
3. The suspension system plays a crucial role in vehicle handling, vehicle dynamics and adds to the stability of the vehicle while it is running, pitching or rolling.

An air suspension has three basic components. The air supply, the air bags and the height control valves and detail about them are present in this project report. This Mechanical project should only be used for your reference and study work.



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