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Mar 25, 2017

CSE Project on Remote Server Monitoring System for Corporate Data Centers

This is Computer Science Engineering project on "remote server monitoring system for corporate data centers". This project is basically developed to help corporation in monitoring remote servers through a web application. There is a need for a web based application which can capture all the organization and data center details and remotely check if each of servers is up and running all the time. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Remote Server Monitoring System for Corporate Data Centers

This tracking piece of the software keeps pinging each of the remote servers at the particular intervals and based on the rules setup and response received it sends out a SMS to a predefined list of specialists whenever there is a failure. This SMS may also incorporate the information related to the server that has failed and additionally the time at which it had failed.

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Earlier no system existed to cater to the needs of ‘Secure Infrastructure Implementation System’. The cutting-edge system evolved is technically feasible. It's far an internet based consumer interface for audit workflow at NIC-CSD. Thus it provides an smooth get entry to to the customers. The database’s cause is to create, establish and keep a workflow among numerous entities in order to facilitate all worried customers in their various capacities or roles. Permission to the users would be granted primarily based on the jobs specified. Therefore, it affords the technical assure of accuracy, reliability and safety.

The software program and hard necessities for the improvement of this assignment aren't many and are already to be had in-house at NIC or are to be had as unfastened as open source. The job for the assignment is completed with the contemporary equipment and current software technology. Vital bandwidth exists for supplying a quick comments to the users irrespective of the number of customers the usage of the device.

Advantages of Remote Server Monitoring System

The project is identified by the advantage of the system offered to the end user. The merits of this project are as follows: -

1. It is a web-enabled project, so easy to use.

2. This project offers user to enter the data through simple and interactive forms. This is very helpful for the client to enter the desired information through so much simplicity.

3. The user is mainly more concerned about the validity of the data, whatever he is entering. There are checks on every stages of any new creation, data entry or updation so that the user cannot enter the invalid data, which can create problems at later date.

4. Sometimes the user finds in the later stages of using project that he needs to update some of the information that he entered earlier. There are options for him by which he can update the records. Moreover there is restriction for his that he cannot change the primary data field. This keeps the validity of the data to longer extent.

5. Data storage and retrieval will become faster and easier to maintain because data is stored in a systematic manner and in a single database.

6. Decision making process would be greatly enhanced because of faster processing of information since data collection from information available on computer takes much less time than manual system.

This project report contains, DFD diagrams for Remote Server Monitoring, UML diagrams for remote server monitoring system for corporate data centers, class diagram, use case diagram, sequence diagram, collaboration diagram, screenshots, and some coding. Use this project for your reference and stud work.

Author:- T.Naveena



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