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Apr 1, 2017

MBA Project on Flexible Working Hours and Employee Performance

This is a MBA project report on "flexible working hours and employee performance". The competitive environments in which 21st century employees work has made it imperative that a flexible working arrangement that creates a balance between work and lifestyle be created. Such will allow employees focus on their multiple roles. This project work investigate on the nature of relationship between the flexible working hours and employee performance in some hospitals. You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such MBA projects and seminar.

MBA Project on Flexible Working Hours and Employee Performance

Current years have seen a dramatic boom in the prevalence of flexible work practices (FWPs), which are practices that afford employees control over when, where, or how much they work. More recently, work and the nature of the work surroundings; personal motives (such as home and family, personal career opportunities and professional development); and economic reasons such as level of remuneration particularly in acute care hospital settings, is complicated by the very nature of patient care being ongoing and required round-the-clock.

Getting work life balance and spending good time with families is the main goal of every individual worker, specially among IT professionals, health workers, etc. More broadly, Chang, Hancock, Johnson, Daly, and Jackson (2005) proposed several strategies to support health workers with their role stress and high workloads.

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These include: use of stress education and management strategies, team building strategies, balancing priorities, enhancing social and peer support, flexibility in work hours, protocols to deal with violence and retention. Having flexibility in work hours may improve a health worker’s ability to cope with the demands of family roles and participate in a 7 day per week/24 hour coverage roster. Flexible scheduling is an important element of flexible work hours and in achieving work life balance.

Many companies has started giving flexible working hours to help employees balance work and family life. This project on "flexible working hours and employee performance" focused on three types of flexible work arrangements that pertain to time flexibility; flextime schedules (i.e., employees can select work hours given certain restrictions by the organization), shift work (ie a pattern of work in which one employee replaces another on the same job within a 24-hour period, Forth and Bryson, 2011) and compressed workweek schedules.

The results revealed that there was a positive relationship between flexible working hours and employee performance. However, an unanticipated flexible working system (FWS) was found in the hospitals, where FWS is seen as management centered and not employee centered. Use this report only for your reference and study work. Thanks to the author of the project.

Author: Hilda E. Osisioma, Hope Ngozi Nzewi & Ilo Lilian Ifechi




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