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Sep 28, 2013

Study on Employee Motivation

Motivating employee's of the company is a very important task of any HR department and manager and study has already proved that motivated employees tends to be more productive then un-motivated employees. Its clear cut fund, if you give good facility to your workers, then you can except good work from them. So to motivate employees, many company runs different programs through which they keep their employee motivates and energetic. Today in this MBA project we will discuss about employee motivation with special reference to Hyderabad Industries Ltd. This study mainly focus on identifying factors which can motivate employees in an organization.

Study on Employee Motivation

Employee enthusiasm is probably the important troubles experienced by every single firm. It's the important task of each and every supervisor to encourage his subordinates as well as to produce the particular ‘will to work’ among the subordinates. It should also be valued that a member of staff might be greatly able to carrying out a few work; absolutely nothing can be achieved when they are certainly not willing to work.

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A supervisor needs to help to make suitable using enthusiasm to enthuse the particular staff members to follow all of them. Hence this research also focusing on the particular member of staff enthusiasm among the staff members of Hyderabad Industries Ltd.

Secondary objective of this study are to study the effect of monetary and non-monetary benefits provided by the organization on the employee’s performance, to study the effect of job promotions on employees, to learn the employee’s satisfaction on the interpersonal relationship exists in the organization, to provide the practical suggestion for the improvement of organization’s performance.

The word motivation has been derived from motive which means any idea, need or emotion that prompts a man in to action. Whatsoever will be the habits regarding guy, there is a number of stimulation behind that. Stimulus relies on the reason in the man or woman worried. Motive can be known by means of researching his or her needs and desires.



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