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Mar 20, 2017

MBA Project on Value Creation in Buyouts

Private equity firms have demonstrated a historical success in the buyout industry. However, current trends in the industry such as institutional changes, phenomenon of capital overhang and an influx of new entrants have intensified competition among buyout firms. To maintain the expected high gains, private equity firms must actively create values for their portfolio companies. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such MBA projects and seminar.

MBA Project on Value Creation in Buyouts

The results indicate that this studied corporations undertake to a big magnitude identical behavior in relation to corporate and business governance and fiscal engineering. Using governance engineering, the particular corporations seek to bolster the particular profile companies’ governance program by way of right.

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There have been variations in actions taken through the studied corporations. Elements that would have an effect on the behavior of private equity firms are the kind of businesses received, the company size, their perception of danger and praise regarding a particular action, as well as years of studies in the industry. There's no not unusual time-frame for movements taken by the studied companies. However, all firms emphasize the importance of enforcing essential modifications within the early years of the investments.

Author: Bengtsson Patrik, Nagel Ron, Nguyen An

Source: Jönköping University



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