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Jan 23, 2014

Mobile Banking System

We cannot go bank for every bank related work like checking our balance, doing transaction etc. and for other small things. To solve this problem a mobile solution was presented which is "Mobile Banking System". The main aim of this Computer science engineering project is to computerize the bank process, which is used to reduce the customer transaction time as well as user can able to access his accounts detail from anywhere by just using his/her mobile phone. This project also allows the user to pay his/her bills like mobile, utility etc. through the Mobile. By using mobile banking system he can easily transfer money to someone's bank account from his. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Mobile Banking System project

Mobile banking modify client to access the data from his personal mobile and may able to read his account details. This technique conjointly wont to interact cash to a different consumer through the keyboard of the mobile itself. The user may verify his Cheque and demand draft details if another person could pass a requirement draft or Cheque.

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This Mobile Banking System runs in an exceedingly Mobile Browser (Nokia Simulator). The computer code consists of 2 components viz, the server half and also the consumer/client half. The server half is gift in Mobile Banking server within the type of Downloaded Application module. The consumer half is gift at every consumer’s mobile the server and also the client are connected to every different over the web victimization WAP technology.

Mobile Banking System client server

Mobile Banking provides a system for the user to access his checking account through his Mobile. The system conjointly allows the user to pay his EB Bill, phone bill through his mobile also as pay money for another services, that he has availed. The Mobile industry isn't only for payment however a user of the system may transfer cash to a different account holder through this technique. He will receive from his bank or from his business associates or friend or different one that is additionally connected to the system.

This project uses Apache Tomcat as a web-server, JSP, Servlets for server side scripting, MS Sql-Server for database, J2EE as main programming language and HTML, WML, WML-Scrip from client side to script. For this project standard hardware is used with proper tools of Nokia. Complete project details and coding is included in this project report.

Author:- A. Jagadeesh Arumugam



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