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Jan 27, 2014

Project on Wireless Power Transfer

The word POWER is itself self explanatory in every form and is very important for living and working. This project on wireless power transfer aim to develop a tool for wireless power transfers. Wireless power transmission will create a major impact within the field of the engineering science and will eliminates the employment of typical copper cables and current carrying wires. Wireless power transfer is transferring of power wirelessly, using mutual induction of 2 coils in HF. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Wireless Power Transfer

This project is made using electronic circuitry that converts AC 230V 50Hz to AC 12V, High frequency and this HF output becomes input for tuned coil and make a primary for air core transformer and when a secondary coil is brought near, it develops the high frequency of 12V powering connected device.

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Here the primary coil act as a transformer and secondary as a receiver and power is transferred wirelessly within distance of say 3cm. This project may be used for charging batteries those area unit physically impossible to be connected electrically like pace makers.

Moreover this method may be employed in variety of applications like wireless mobile charging, iPod, laptop computer battery, propellor clock wirelessly. And conjointly this sort of charging provides a way lower risk of unconditioned reflex because it would be galvanically isolated.

This project is good to be made for your final year if you don't want to make Microcontroller based project. This is a low cost project which you can get at Rs. 3,799 if you don't have time. If you are Electronics enthsiast and have to time to make project yourself, I will suggest you to buy learner kit and learn while making project.


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