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Dec 14, 2013

Android based Remote Programmable Sequential

Android has now become most popular OS for mobile phones and tablet devices, so now all engineers have good option to show their mettle and make Android project for final year. The project aims to create a system which can switch industrial loads using a controller along with Android application sequentially. This kind of procedure is normally used for repetitive task in industries. Rural procedure is actually attained through any kind of smart-phone/Tablet and many others., together with Android OS, when the GUI (Graphical User Interface) primarily based touchscreen technology procedure is used. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Android based Remote Programmable Sequential

This project can easily switch different electrical loads connected to relay using a microcontroller remotely by sending commands. The commands will be send from Graphical User Interface of Android application running on Smartphone or Android tablet. This project is having 3 modes viz. set mode, auto mode or manual mode.

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On basis of mode selected remotely, loads are driven individually or sequentially in programmable time intervals from the output of the controller. The particular advancement of this software requires this settings of the plan via Android mobile phone software. Within market sectors, there are numerous duties tend to be completed that requires many recurring procedure in a variety of instructions as well as occasion times. As an example, selected a loads need to be switched ON/OFF throughout particular occasion times. Thus this project can be very helpful and it can be achieved by programming the microcontroller for 3 different mode as told above.

Making this project using microcontroller eliminate the use of Programmable logic controllers (PLC) and thus reducing cost of the system. Android based remote programmable sequential project can be also modified using a GSM modem for sending SMS to the controller. You can also buy this project circuit diagram, DIY kit or readymade kit. We will recommend to get Project kit or Do it yourself kit, as it will help you in designing your own PLC and assembling the project.

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