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Feb 7, 2014

Project on RFID Voting System

Radio-frequency identification or RFID has found its use in almost all technology development and is one of the favorite category for making final year project. The main aim of the project, RFID Voting System is to provide more security in authentication of a candidate contesting in elections by providing a unique identity to every user using the RFID technology provided if we maintain the fingerprints of all the voters in a database. Each and every user uses his RFID for casting his vote in the procedure of electing his choice of candidate from the list of candidates contesting in the elections. This is purely to eradicate rigging which will be helpful to elect the genuine candidates on the basis of number of votes polled to them. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

RFID Voting System block diagram

This project includes Low Frequency RFID Reader and transmitter working at 434 MHz frequency to fetch the information from the user to process it through microcontroller. Then microcontroller takes the decision whether to cast the vote of a particular user or not. The RFID tag is used to authenticate the voter for voting in the election. The voter can vote only once after that the tag will be disabled for further voting in the same election. It is a much secured way of voting in democratic countries like India.

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Working of this project can be divided into 3 parts, viz. transmitter module (Voter Identity card), receiver module & controller and balloting unit and each of the part is well explained in this project report. Some of the application of this project includes Legislative Assembly Elections, Student union Elections, Labor union Elections in factories etc. This report includes block diagram of RFID voting system, full working, circuit diagram, source code etc. Use it for your reference and study work.

Author:- Neeraj



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  1. hai. how to contact you regarding this project?
    im currently doing fingerprint voting system using mobile application.


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