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Apr 2, 2013

Wireless based Tsunami & Earthquake Warning System

Today we will provide detail information about very important and very helpful project for Electronics and communication students. This project on "wireless based tsunami and earthquake warning system" will provide information to Geologists and Meteorological department, who wishes to explore the possibility of developing Tsunami Warning System applications. This report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of the art in Tsunami Warning System development, application and future trends.

Transmitter Section Wireless based Tsunami & Earthquake Warning SystemReceiver of Tsunami and Earthquake Warning System

This report consists of three sections. The basic components of the tsunami warning system are presented in the first section along with the introduction to the system and a glossary of the terminology used to make such a system. The second section includes the block diagram and the circuit description as to how the whole system has been assembled and how it works in order to implement the cause it is designed for. The last section consists of the advantages and prediction making capabilities of the system. We shall also discuss its future scope and advancements and all the possible applications of this system.

Recommended Project: GPS based Aircraft Collision Avoidance System

This is a warning system that will detect and alarm the people of the dangers in advance and so that people have ample time to relocate themselves, so as to avoid the severity caused by the disaster. It uses sensors, microcontrollers and radio frequency so as to transmit and receive signals.

This report includes all the details and programming which is needed to build your project like transmitter and receiver bock diagram, circuit diagram,

Author:-Amit Kumar Sarkar, Apurva Rastogi, Anshi Singh and Sourabh Choudhary



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