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Jan 18, 2012

ASP Project on Picture Album

This is a final year Computer Science ASP.Net project on "picture album" and mainly deals with storing the photos/images in a local system its nothing but a desktop project. 

It stores the images in a specified location user can see the images through the browser in a slide show.

Project on Picture Album

This project uses as a front-end software and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 as a database. 

The Picture Album Desktop Application provides an easy and convenient way for users to store and organize their photos and images on their local system. 

The application's user-friendly interface, coupled with its powerful features, makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a desktop photo management solution.

Future Scope

The application can be further enhanced by adding more features, such as:

1. Sharing photos with others via email or social media.

2. Adding tags to photos for easier categorization.

3. Adding search functionality to quickly find specific photos.

4. Adding backup and restore functionality to prevent data loss.

These features can be implemented in future versions of the application to provide even more value to users.

In this project after storing images in a local system user can generate photos automatically in a different order. Use it for your reference and study work.


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