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Mar 1, 2014

Java Project on Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom is a very good initiative project which includes collection of teaching tool to help the students to learn in an interactive manner and understand better. It aims to complement the efforts of teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms and link the students to the Internet in educationally productive ways and provide them a stimulating, positive and enjoyable environment to study. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Virtual Classroom project

This Java project on virtual classroom has three main elements which are Administrator login, students login module and faculty login module. In student login module, student can login or sign up if he/she has not registered for the classroom. Once they are logged in they can ask questions, study material & see video lectures, can modify there profile etc.

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In Faculty login module, person login as teacher and can post answer to students doubt, allows the faculty members to post & remove study material & video lessons, they can also edit there profile. In administration module, admin has full control and can edit anything within application. He/she can easily see student and faculty list, video and study material uploaded and stats, can see list of questions asked by students and answered by teachers.

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Provision for addition and deletion of student /faculty is there in the system. It is possible to view information of other student/faculty after successfully logging in. The entire project runs on windows environments. The system can be used to increase student faculty interaction and also increase their involvement with the college.

This project report contains complete source code, ER diagram and table structure. Use it for your study and reference work. If you face issue on downloading the project let us know.



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