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Feb 15, 2015

GAIC Algorithm for IRIS Comparison & Implementation with Matlab

This is a good project report on GAIC Algorithm for IRIS Comparison & Implementation with Matlab for computer science, Electronics Students and aims at providing an efficient solution module for iris scanning techniques employed in security systems. It provides a powerful algorithm for iris comparison technique and thereby giving a satisfactory detection technique. Use this paper report for your reference and study purpose only. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

GAIC Algorithm for IRIS Comparison and Implementation with Matlab

With a strong mathematical background and quantitative analysis, it provides a promising method “GAIC” algorithm, which would enable efficient security in the growing trends. The above said algorithm has been simulated and implemented for the verification in the platforms of MATLAB. Our algorithm proves more efficient over all the other algorithms available.

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For many organizations, implementing the proper biometric user identification technique will improve knowledge security. however presently, no automatic data processing system is impenetrable. the utilization of passwords, electronic signatures, encryption, and statistics will facilitate to create our computing surroundings safer, however they can't insure absolutely the integrity of the info or system. Any human, whether or not at work or reception, ought to emphasize interference. Implementing the utilization of knowledge security measures could facilitate within the war against hacking, however we have a tendency to should not forget the fundamentals of laptop security.

We have a tendency to should do the easy things that create it tougher for hackers to urge into our computers or systems. Hence, we will sure as shooting say that the biometric identification technology is that the most comprehensive technique within the field of statistics and our formula GAIC yields superb results once enforced in MATLAB.



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