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Feb 21, 2015

Hand Operated Mixer Machine

This is a Mechanical project report on Hand operated mixer machine, which tells about its construction, working and other mixer machine which are widely used in industry and small task. In hand operated mixer machine, the mixing is done manually by placing the container holding material in hand and then doing forward and downward motion. This is only good for small task and laboratory works. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Hand Operated Mixer Machine

A vortex mixer, or vortexer, may be a easy device used ordinarily in laboratories to combine little vials of liquid. It consists of an electrical motor with the drive shaft orientated vertically and connected to a cupped rubber piece mounted slightly off-centered. because the motor runs the rubber piece oscillates apace in a very circular motion. Once a tube or alternative acceptable instrumentation is ironed into the rubber cup (or touched to its edge) the motion is transmitted to the liquid within and a vortex is formed. Most vortex mixers have variable speed settings and may be set to run incessantly, or to run only downward pressure is applied to the rubber piece.

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Vortex mixers square measure quite commonplace in natural science laboratories. In cell culture and biological science laboratories they'll be accustomed suspend cells. In an exceedingly organic chemistry or associate degreealytical laboratory they'll be accustomed combine the reagents of an assay or to combine an experimental sample and a thinner.

An alternative to the electrical vortex mixer is that the "finger vortex" technique during which a vortex is formed manually by placing a tube in a very forward and downward motion with one's finger or thumb. This usually takes longer and infrequently leads to inadequate suspension, though it should be appropriate in some cases once a vortex mixer is inaccessible or the forces concerned in vortexing would harm the sample, however this system isn't counseled once caustic substances square measure concerned. The technique is best suited to accelerate the mixture of solutions that don't need the K.E. input required to make suspensions.

A meat grinder or meat kitchen utensil may be a home appliance for fine chopping ('mincing') of, or mix of raw or roast meat, fish, vegetables or similar food. It replaces tools just like the refined knife, as an example, that has been accustomed turn out minced meat, filling etc. The producer puts the minced food into a funnel, that is placed on the highest of the grinder. From there the fabric goes on a horizontal screw conveyor. This screw conveyor, which will be power-driven by a hand wheel or an electrical motor, squashes and part mixes the food. At the top of the screw conveyor there's a knife put in directly before of the mounted hole plate. At this gap the minced meat comes out of the machine. The fineness of the meat depends on the dimensions of the holes of the plate.

Author:- Sandeep Thukral



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