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Feb 24, 2015

Microcontroller based Home Security System

This is the project report on Microcontroller based Home security system which is a good project to be done by the students. Engineering is not only a bookish knowledge but also it is a implementation of all we gain through books for inventing something new and making things more easy and useful through practical study. It is an art which can be gained with systematic study, observation and practice. This project is build using same technique. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar. The microcontroller based security system consists of transmitter, receiver, phase locked loop and processing section.

Microcontroller based Home Security System

This micro-controller based home security system protects your family and valuables by triggering an alarm when someone tried to break into your house and will immediately alert the police station.

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The transmitter section continuously transmits IR rays which are received by the receiver section. The received signal is further amplified and given to the PLL section, where its frequency is locked to the transmitted frequency.

When the IR signal is interrupted, the micro-controller starts working as per the programmed EPROM and control the siren, telephone and cassette player via the respective relays.

In the transmitter section, NE555(ICI) is wired as an actable multi-vibrator whose oscillating frequency is set by resistors R1 and R2, preset VR1 and capacitor C1, C3 bypasses the noise to ground, preventing any change in calculated pulse-width. The out put of ICI is fed to the base of the transistor t1, which drives an IR LED to transmit the modulated IR signal. R4 constrain the current going through the IR LED. Preset VR1 is used to vary the modulating frequency.

This report contains all the things to make your project like block diagram, circuit diagram, working, flow chart, component details etc. Use this for reference and help.




  1. can i get this project code.

  2. can i get this project coding.
    if can, u can send to my email

  3. can i get this project code.
    if can u can send to my email mnar_youthe09@yahoo.com

  4. Please see the Download link.


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