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Sep 30, 2014

Home Gas Security System

HGSS (home gas security system) is a socially relevant system that finds its application in every house. This system is helps in avoiding dangerous accidents that may occur due to gas leakage. Gas leakage depends on various factor in our home but the main is carelessness towards our gas system i.e. cooking stove, gas geyser etc. Hunger of automation bought many revolution in the existing industry. This application comes to action when someone forgot to switch off stove knob or their is leakage of gas from cylinder itself. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

block diagram of Home Gas Security System

Here automation is done with the help of Micro-controllers and controlling action will be actuated with the help of SENSORS. In our country home gas security is one of the important concerns because lot of accidents occurs only due to gas leakage. Therefore our system will be a milestone in this field.

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The primary objects of the present project to provides a way for safely detecting any malfunction of a LPG gas system in order to prevent accumulation of LPG gas so that damage or explosion due to such an accumulation of gas is prevented.

Application of Home Gas Security System

1. Forgot to switch off stove knob:

In this we use thermistor which is connected to microcontroller. If there is no flame on the burner then after pre-set* time. Microcontroller sends a signal to solenoid valve to cut the supply from the cylinder. But if within this time interval flame is produced then gas will remain continue to flow.(* pre-set time lie between 30 to 40 sec). This is done by Bimetallic thermistor.

2. Leakage of gas from cylinder itself:

In this case gas sensor will actuate the relay to cut the electric supply of the house and actuates the alarm also. In addition to these a keypad is also provided to enter the time of operation. After the entered time system will cut off the supply.

For example-you want to boil 1kg of milk and it takes 4 min then you can enter “4” through your keypad. After 4 min system will automatically off.

This report includes full working of the home gas security system with component details and block diagram. Use this report for your reference and study work only.



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