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May 21, 2018

Project on Automatic Drilling Machine

Drilling depth is very important and calculating it while drilling manually through a conventional drilling machine is extremely impossible, most possibly the job will be failed due to the over drilling. In many cases, after completing the drilling work, it is very difficult to estimate the depth; especially thin holes depth can’t be measured. Therefore an automatic drilling machine that do the work of drilling according to the drilling depth generated & forwarded to the control circuit is essential; hence this project has been built, which exposes the technology of special purpose drilling machines. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Project on Automatic Drilling Machine

The Electrical drilling machine designed here is sort of helpful for mechanical workshops. The machine is built with power feed technology is aimed to drill the work up to sure nominal depth, For ex. if a specific piece of job is meant to be trained to a restricted depth, doing it manually consumes ton of your time, as a result of whenever depth must be measured through a crude technique, therefore estimating the drilling depth is sort of sophisticated. For this reason this machine is intended &its mechanical movements square measure restricted by programming the drilling depth through a potentiometer interfaced with microcontroller.

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Drilling machine can be defined as a device which is used to drill holes. Drilling machine plays an important role in mechanical workshops. The purpose of this project work is to get hold of complete information pertaining to drilling machines.

Automatic Drilling Machine control circuit

Drilling machine control circuit as shown above consisting of 12 keys is aimed to generate drilling depth information in millimeters. Out of 12 keys, 10 keys are utilized to raise drilling data through numeric numbers of 0 to 9. The 11th key is used as the clear key, & the 12TH key is used as start/go key. After entering the data and by activating the go key, the machine starts & performs the function of drilling. The micro-controller (consisting of a processor, RAM and EPROM, and three ports) takes care of hardware and software when the keyboard is interfaced to it.

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In this concept, the microcontroller scans the keys continuously, i.e., the function of programs stored in the EPROM through the keys. The micro-controller monitors the keyboard continuously & detects the activated key automatically. The controller is programmed to store the data of activated keys information into its EPROM.

This project revealed that building a relatively low cost, high precision drilling machine named as “Automatic drilling machine” designed for workshops is aimed to offer benefits to the Industrialists. Since it is a prototype module, the system is designed with a single drilling motor; thereby it can perform the single operation in an instant. To enhance the technology further & to make it more comfortable, drill motors can be increased such that a particular specific task can be achieved with the single machine, therefore it can be used for more applications.



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