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Oct 7, 2020

Welfare Activities for Employees in IT Industries

If you are looking for a final year MBA project or dissertation related to employees welfare, then this is the right project for you. This is basically a case study done on the employees of HP computers which is located in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. Don't forget to You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar. 

Welfare Activities for Employees in IT Industries - MBA Project

This project report is divided into several chapters starting from the company introduction to the conclusion of this thesis. Other important aspects like research methodology, scope of the study, data analysis, SWOT analysis, etc. are also covered in this project report for management students.      

The present scenario in India is that the employers are becoming aware of their worker's needs and are taking effective measures to improve their morale and self-worth by the various Labour Welfare measures both the statutory and voluntary. The reason being the increasing awareness created globally, by the initiative of ILO, and other organizations, the charismatic leadership of some Indian and international labour union leaders like Shri N.M.Lokhande and initiatives taken by the Indian Government to enact various legislations concerning the good of the working class and to punish the defaulters.   

 In such a context, author thought it is worthwhile doing this project on the employee welfare facilities provided in one of the leading information technology company HP COMPUTERS.  

The Objective of the Study

1- To study the statuary provisions undertaken in the company. 
2- To view the level, impact & importance of the welfare activities in the company. 
3- To analysis the satisfaction among employees in respect of welfare. 
4- To gain practical knowledge in contrast to theoretical knowledge. 
5- To understand the activities of Human Resource management
6- How the relationship (Employee & Employer) changes with the welfare programs. 
7- Impact of welfare activities on individuals such as health, creativity efficiency, mental status, family. 
8- How welfare activities cope with management objectives such as organization culture, productivity, quality. 

The scope of employee welfare cannot be limited, since it differs according to social customs and the degree of industrialization in different countries and at different times. 

They have to be elastic and flexible enough to suit the conditions of the workers, and to include all the essential prerequisites of life and the minimum basic amenities. 

 The laws of every country highlight directions to the specific applications to the working class, the necessity of securing just and humane conditions of work, for them. However, what these conditions actually imply cannot be specified in rigid terms for all times and situations. 

Thanks to the author of this project and use this report for your reference purpose only. Check the download link below to get the full project report for FREE.

Author:- Sukhvinder Kumar   


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