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Jan 12, 2011

350+ MBA Project Ideas and Report

We have collected a huge list of MBA project Ideas for management students which will help them in choosing their project for there final year report of Management. These are 350 plus MBA project ideas, you can choose any topic and can make the project on it. Also, you can request project report from us in our forum or through your comments and emails. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar. Many of these reports are available on our site for free just search and download.

350+ MBA Project Ideas and Report

350+ MBA Project Ideas and Report

1. A Study Of Bank Customers And Employee In 4 Local Bank of Malaysia

2. A Study On "Whether Taxation Is A Selling Tool For Life Insurance" With Reference To ICICI Prudential Limited

3. A Study On Customer Perception Towards UTI Mutual Fund

4. A Study On Effectiveness Of Training Programme

5. A Study On How Cbd Will Be A Potential Channel In Bridging The Geographical Barrier In Insurance Sale For Icici Prudential

6. A Study On Identifying Awareness Among Corporate Executives On Pursuing Higher Studies From Top B’ Schools

7. A Study On Traders Perception And Expectation Towards Anchor Products

8. A Study To Identify The Retail Penetration Level Of Airtel Pre-Paid Cards

9. An Analysis On Equity Share Price Behaviour

10. Analysis Of Equity Share Price Behaviour

11. Analysis Of Market Segments

12. Analysis Of The Customers’ Attitude, Preference And Satisfaction Level Towards Investment In ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited

13. Analysis Of The Forex Market

14. Analysis Of Trade Finance Pattern

15. Analysis Of Various Investment Avenues With Special Reference To Mutual Funds

16. Analysis To Identify Why The Std Usage By Airtel Customers In Kerala Is Lesser Than The National Average

17. Analytical Study Of Premium Credit Card

18. Awareness And Acceptance Level Of HPP Among The Home Loan Takers

19. Awareness Level Of Tata Indicom With Special Reference To Tata Indicom Walky

20. Awareness Of Corporate Executives In Pursuing Higher Studies

21. Awareness Of Speciality Services In Medical Care Centre

22. Capital Structure Of Bhel

23. Comp Study Of Traditional Product With Ulip Products

24. Comparative Analysis On Icici Prudential Ulip Products With Major Competitors, With Special Reference To Life Time Scheme

25. Consultancy Business Development

26. Consumer Perception Of Hyundai Cars

27. Value Creation in Buyouts

28. CRM For Recruitment Consulting

29. Customer Expectations, Experience And Satisfaction Level Towards Services Provided At Two-Wheeler Exchange Mela’S

30. Customer Feedback About Centurion Bank Of Punjab (Cbop) Services

31. Customer Perception Of Mobile Phone Service Providers In Erode District With Special Reference To Bsnl

32. Customer Perception Of The Product Of Hdfc Standard Life Insurance Company

33. Customer Perception On Home Insurance

34. Customer Perception Towards Market Linked Insurance Products Of Icici Prudential Life Insurance

35. Customer Perception Towards Mkt Linked Life Ins – Icici

36. Customer Perception Towards UTI Mf

37. Customer Perception Towards UTI Mutual Fund

38. Customer Pref & Satisfaction For Yamaha

39. Customer Preference And Satisfaction Level Towards Their Expectation With Special Reference To Yamaha

40. Customer Preference On Mobile Communication With Reference To The Service Provided By Private (Airtel) And Public (Bsnl) Sector

41. Customer Satisfaction About Product

42. Customer Satisfaction Towards Financial Services

43. Customer Satisfaction Towards The Financial Services Provided By Karvy (Salem)

44. Customer Satisfaction With Reference To Financial Services In Djs Stock And Shares Ltd

45. Customer’S Expectations And Satisfaction Level Towards After Sales Service Provided at P & C Motors In Erode

46. Design And Development Of Production Monitoring System

47. Design And Development Of Student Information System

48. Effectiveness Of Existing Appraisal System In Cag Pride

49. Effectiveness Of Existing Appraisal System In Indian Airlines

50. Effectiveness Of Services Provided To Private Banking Customers

51. Effectiveness Of Training Program In Paper Industry

52. Employee Morale

53. Employees Satisfaction Level Towards Their Job In Spb

54. Evolution Of Mgt Technique

55. Exchange Traded Funds

56. Factors Affecting Dealer Performance To Evolve A Strategy For Increasing Market Share Of Tata Indicom

57. Financial Impact-Ratio Analysis Project

58. Financial Performance Of Elgi Electric & Industries Ltd

59. Financial Performance Of Hdfc Bank Limited

60. Financial Performance Ratio Analysis

61. Functioning Of Power Looms

62. Health & Welfare Measures In Woven Textile Company

63. Hr – Absenteeism

64. Identifying The Potential Advisors For Icici Prudential Life Insurance

65. Impact Of Selected Macro-Economic Factors On Share Price Movement Of Certain Vital Sectors

66. Ing Vysya Mutual Funds

67. Comparative Study Of Traditional Products With New Ulip Products

68. Internal Communication Process

69. Inventory Control

70. Inventory Management

71. Investment Options

72. Investment Pattern In Debt Scheme Of Mutual Fund Investments

73. Investment Pattern In Debt Scheme Of Mutual Funds

74. Investment Pattern Of Investors In Ing Vysya Mutual Funds

75. Investment Pattern With Special Reference To Small And Medium Capitalization Companies

76. Investment Patterns

77. Investment Patterns And Customer Perception Towards Mutual Funds In Chennai City

78. Investor Awareness

79. Investor Awareness Towards Commodity Mkt – Karvy

80. Investor Awareness Towards Commodity Mkt - Karvy Sec

81. Investors Attitude Towards Securities Market

82. Job Satisfaction

83. Job Satisfaction In Paper Industry

84. Job Satisfaction In Textile Company

85. Job Satisfaction In Software Company

86. Job Satisfaction In Textile Spinning Mill

87. Job Satisfaction Level

88. Job Satisfaction Of Employees In Textile Mills

89. Job Seekers Potential & Consulting Awareness

90. Labour Welfare Measures At Steel Industry

91. Macro Economic Factors Of Share Price Mvmt

92. Marginal Costing And Break Even Analysis

93. Market Feasibility Of Bulk Selling Of International Long Distance Calls For Bharti Cellular Limited

94. Operating & Financial Performance Of Salem Steel Plant

95. Operating And Financial Performance Of Southern Iron And Steel Company

96. Order Processing System

97. Organizational Culture-Salem Steel Plant

98. Organisational Climate

99. Organisational Climate In Textile (Hosiery) Company

100. Organisational Culture

101. Organisational Culture, Over All Performance, Motivational Factor

102. Payroll System

103. Perception Of Life Insurance Agency

104. Perception Of Mobile Phone Service Providers

105. Performance Appraisal For Managerial Employees In Lvb

106. Performance Appraisal

107. Preference Of Salaried Class On Various Investment Options Available To Them

108. Product Mix – Spb

109. Risk Perception And Portfolio

110. Role Of Hr In Total Productivity Maintenance

111. Safety And Welfare Measures Provided To The Employees At Xxxxx Port Trust, Xxxxx

112. Safety Welfare Measures

113. Satisfaction Level Of Employee On Various Welfare Facilities

114. Satisfaction Level Of Service Provided By Tata Indicom Vis-À-Vis Its Competitors

115. Selection Of Appropriate Product Mix For Profit Maximisation In Paper Industry

116. Strategies To Increase The Customers

117. Study Of Non Performing Dealers & To Convert Them Into Performing Dealers

118. Study On Aided And Unaided Brand Recall Of Icici Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd. , Xxxxx With Special Reference To

119. Study On Corporates And Job Seekers

120. Study On Customer Awareness About Icici

121. Study On Customer Satisfaction About Castings

122. Study On Investment Pattern And Preference Of Retail Investors In Xxxxx City With Special Reference To Mutual Funds, For Karvy

123. Study On The Purchasing Pattern Of Finolex

124. Study On Whether Taxation Is Selling Tool For Life Insurance With Special Reference To Icici

125. Study To Identify Why The Std. Usage By Airtel Customers In Xxxxx Is Lesser Than The National Average

126. System - Design And Development Of Production Monitoring System In Snqs Socks

127. The Effectiveness Of The Existing Appraisal System At Indian Airlines And To Suggest Measures For The Improvement Of The System

128. Total Productivity Maintenance

129. Various Invetsment Avenues With Special Ref To Mf

130. Woking Capital Mgt

131. A Multi-Dimensional Analysis Of Working Capital Management, Techniques, Tools And Changing Patterns In A Manufacturing Concern At Xxxxxx.

132. Absenteeism-Of-Employees

133. An Analysis Of The Profitability & Performance Of Michingan Auto Insurance

134. Analysis Of Consumer Behavior Towards Share Trading And Sales Promotion Of Indiabulls Securities Ltd

135. Analysis Of Consumer Behavior Towards Share Trading And Sales Promotion Of Kotak Securities Ltd

136. Analysis Of Consumer Behavior Towards Share Trading And Sales Promotion Of Karvy Ltd

137. Analysis Of Consumer Behavior Towards Share Trading And Sales Promotion Of Geojit Securities Ltd

138. Analysis Of Equity Funds Of Mutual Funds With Special Reference To Apollo Sindhoori Finance Services

139. Analysis Of Insurance & Irda Training

140. Analysis Of Retail Industry

141. Analysis Of The Forex Market

142. Analytical Framework Of Project Financing & Analysis Of The Existing Project Appraisal Mechanism At Bank

143. Analytical Study f Training in Company

144. Annual Report Analysis – Finance

145. Annual Report Analysis Of Adlabs

146. A-Report-On-Credit-Appraisal-Of-Industrial-Finance-For-Sme’S

147. A-Study-On-Customer-Perception-In-Banking-Industry-Using-Gap-Analysis

148. A-Study-On-Customer-Perception-Towards-The-Services-Offered-In-Retail-Banking

149. A-Study-On-Investor’S-Perception-Towards-Online-Trading

150. A-Study-On-Investor’S-Perception-Towards-Online-Trading In Religare

151. Attrition

152. Awareness Of Different Financial Products Special reference To Mutual Funds Among Financial Advisors In Xxxxxx

153. Banking-Industry-Vison-2010

154. Bank-Marketing

155. Bank-Marketing - A Whole Study

156. Brand Image

157. Brand Mgt – Project

158. Brand-Image --- Apollo-Tyres

159. Branding- Management

160. Brand-Management - Category Attractiveness & Product Opportunity

161. Brand-Management In Communication Sector

162. Budget Procedure & Analysis

163. Budgetary Control

164. Building Marketing Strategy

165. Capital Budgeting

166. Capital Structure Analysis

167. Capital Structure And Firm'S Performance

168. Capital Budgeting

169. Capital Asset Pricing Model

170. Carbon Credit Futures

171. Cash-Management-At-Indian-Oil-Corporation-Ltd

172. Cash-Management-Report At Bank

173. Cash-Management-In-Bank-Of-India

174. Cement-Market - Market Survey Of Retail Market & Sales Promotion

175. Commercial-Banking-Service

176. Comparative Analysis Of Equity & Derivative Market

177. Comparative Evaluation Strategies In Mergers And Acquisitions

178. Comparative-Analysis-Of-Bank

179. Comparative-Analysis-Of-Public-And-Private-Sector-Steel-Companies-In-India

180. Comparison On Mutual Fund Schemes

181. Comparative-Study-ICICI-HDFC Life Insurance

182. Compensation Management

183. Compensation Policy

184. Competition Issues In Indian Steel Industry

185. Competitive Analysis Of Trading

186. Competitive Analysis Of Trading Reliance Money

187. Company Analysis --- ITC

188. Consumer Behavior Towards Emu Trains With Special Reference To Beach-Tambaram Sector

189. Corporate Financing And Corporate Valuation Of Indian Companies

190. Credit Appraisal

191. Credit-Appraisal-For-Working-Capital-Finance-To-Small-And-Medium-Enterprises-At-Xxxx-Bank

192. Credit-Appraisal-Renewal

193. Credit-Appraisal & Rating

194. Credit-Facilities-For-Smes

195. Customer Preferences Towards Different Brands Of Soyabean Oil

196. Customer Retention And Increase The Sales Within The Limited Territory Within The Existing Potential - Reliance Comm

197. Dealers Perception Towards Samsung

198. Derivatives

199. Developing Marketing Strategy To Meet Capacity Expansion Post

200. Disbursement-Of-Home-Loans-By-Commercial-Banks

201. Do Market Timing Hedge Funds Time The Market

202. Downsizing

203. Effectiveness & Problems In Recruitment

204. Employee - Absenteeism

205. Empirical Analysis Of Subprime Mortgage

206. Empirical Study Of Firm Financial Position On Its Risk And Return

207. Employee Relations

208. Employee Retention

209. Employee Retention Project

210. Employee-Absenteeism

211. Equity-Analysis

212. Equity-Performance-Of-Investment-Newsletters

213. Equity-Valuation Few It Companies

214. Evaluation, Function And Performance Of Banking System In India

215. Exim Bank Project

216. Expansion Of (Company Name) In Eastern Region Through Channel Business Model Or Own Branch Model

217. Supply Chain Management at Walmart

218. Export Finance

219. Export Procedures And Documentations – Exim

220. Export-Procedure-And-Manufacturing-Process

221. Export-Procedure-Documentation-In-An-Apparel-Export-House

222. Factor Analysis For Investing

223. Factors Affecting Buying Behaviour

224. Financial Performance Analysis Of Pharmaceutical Industry With Special Reference To Karvy Stock Broking

225. Financing And Credit Appraisal

226. Forecasting The Equity Premium And Optimal Portfolios

227. General Study Of ICICI Bank & Comparison Of ICICI Facilities With Other Banks

228. HDFC Mis Project

229. Home Loan - A Comparative Study

230. Hr-Activities & Initiatives In Cement Industry

231. Hr-Practices-In-Hotel-Industry

232. ICICI Bank Operations

233. Import-Export-Procedure

234. Index & Price Variations In NSE

235. Index Variation & Portfolio Mgt.

236. Index Variation & Portfolio Mgt. A Comparative Study Of Shares Of Various Industries

237. Interest Rate Fluctuation And Its Impact On Demand For Consumer Durable Loans

238. Interest Rate Fluctuation And Its Impact On Demand For Consumer Durable Loans - Icici & SBI

239. International Business

240. International Trade Finance Project Report

241. Internet Marketing

242. Inventory-Management In Finance

243. Inventory-Management-Project Hr

244. Investment In Equities

245. Investment Options Thesis-Finance-Stock-Mutual-Funds-Forex

246. Investors Preferences Towards Mutual Funds with Reference to Kotak

247. Iron-And-Steel-Industry-Analytic

248. Labour-Welfare-At-Wcl-Project-Report

249. Leadership

250. Level Of Customer Perception Towards Hdfc Standard Life Insurance And Birla Sun Life Insurance

251. Leverage & Cost Behavior Analysis

252. Listing-Of-Securities

253. Management And Risk Control Of Financial Institutions

254. Managing Attrition In BPO Industry

255. Mar - Analysis Of Import And Export Data Of The Industries And Companies

256. Market Share Of Airtel

257. Marketing Mix Mapping

258. Marketing Of Banking Services

259. Marketing Of Idea Postpaid Services

260. Marketing Plan - Principles Of Marketing

261. Marketing Of Banking Services Urban Areas

262. Micro-finance An Initiative To Promote Social Welfare In Ddddd Dist With Special Reference To Xxxx Bank

263. Management And Risk Control Of Financial Institutions

264. Organizational Culture HR Mobilink

265. Money Market Instruments Project Report

266. Inventory Management in Everest Industries

267. Need Of Training & Development

268. Needs Of Training

269. Networked Products Create New Business Opportunities

270. Option Strategies

271. Organizational Climate Survey

272. Performance Appraisal – Core Company

273. Performance-Appraisal - In Jindal

274. Performance-Appraisal – Impact

275. Analyzing Performance-Appraisal System

276. Performance-Appraisal In Ispat Industries

277. Performance-Appraisal-In-ONGC

278. Performance Appraisals And Evaluation Of Employee Satisfaction

279. Portfolio Management (Investment Management)

280. Portfolio Management And Investment Decision

281. Portfolio Management Through Mutual Funds

282. Power-Sector-Analysis

283. Problem Of Timely Availability Of Working Capital To Sme’S

284. Production Control

285. Profitability Analysis

286. Projected-Cash-Flow-Analysis

287. Project-Finance

288. Project-Finance-Project-Evaluation-At-Indian-Oil

289. Quality-Of-Work-Life In BHEL

290. Quality-Of-Work-Life In Textile Company

291. Quality-Of-Work-Life – General (Fit To All Companies)

292. Ratio Analysis

293. Ratio-Analysis-Project-Gmr-Infra-Ltd-Ratio-Analysis

294. Real Estate - Key Factors In Valuing The Properties

295. Re-branding Of Liril To Liril2000

296. Receivable-Management-Its-Impact

297. Recruitment And Problems Entitled - In Recruitment Consulting

298. Recruitement & Selection In Pharmaceutical Company

299. Recruitment Of Life Advisors In Icici Prudential

300. Recruitment And Selection In Insurance Sector

301. Recruitment And Selection - General (Fit For All Industries)

302. Recruitment And Selection In Facility Mgt Company

303. Recruitment-And-Selection In Insurance Sector

304. Recruitment and Selection Project Report

305. Recruitment-Selection In Hr Consulting

306. Recruitment-Selection-Hind Lamp Ltd

307. Relationship Between Risk And Return Of Equity Funds Of Reliance Mutual Fund

308. Retail Loans & Credit Facility In Xxxx Bank

309. Retails Banking & Evaluation Of Financial Performance Of Axis Bank

310. Review On Techniques Adopted By Hr Management To Improve The Effectiveness Of Training And Development

311. Risk Takers

312. Role of Financial Ratio On Disbursement Of Loan To Companies - IDBI Bank

313. Role of HRD Climate In Industrial Establishment

314. Rural Finance In An Indian Economy(2)

315. Sales Analysis And Comparative Analysis Of Airtel With All Telecom Sector

316. Sales-Promotion

317. Savings Account & Current Account

318. Service Quality An Empirical Study Of Expectations Versus Perceptions In The Delivery Of Financial Services

319. Service-Marketing

320. Service Proliferation and Customer Satisfaction

321. Steel Industry

322. Steel Sector – Evaluation

323. Steel Industry In India

324. Strategies Adopted to Increase Sales In HDFC Life Insurance

325. Study About Mutual-Fund

326. Study Of General Insurance Company

327. Study Of Milk Market, Swot Analysis

328. Study Of Reliance PCO Market And Sales

329. Study On Procurement And Development Of Life Advisors

330. Study Of International Marketing Project Report

331. Study on Customer Perception Towards Services Offered in Retail Banking by South Indian Bank Vennikulam branch Kerala

332. Subprime Lending

333. Study on Employees Absenteeism in Spinco

334. Technical Analysis Of Equity

335. Technical Analysis Of S&Pcnx Nifty Index In India

336. Technical-Analysis

337. Textile Management.

338. The Knowledge Of Risk Tolerance That An Investor Can Handle

339. The Risk Of Beta – Investor Learning And Prospect Theory

340. The-Returns-To-Currency-Speculation

341. The-Risk-Perceptions-Of-Individual-Investors

342. Thesis On Idea Markets

343. To Asses the Percued Customer Satisfaction Towards The Service Quality Provided By The LIC By Using The Tool of Gap Analysis

344. To Study The Various Financial Opportunities Available For Investment

345. Tracking Mutual Fund Scheme Performance

346. Trading On Equity In Xxxxx Securities Limited

347. Trading Through Technical Analysis

348. Performance Appraisal at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage

349. Training & Development

350. Training & Development In Sahara India Pariwar

351. Training And Development In Reliance Money

352. Training Hr-Project

353. Training Needs Identification Of Associates

354. Training-And-Development

355. Training-And-Development

356. Understand-The-Brand-Recall

357. Validity Of Capital Asset Pricing Model & Stability Of Systematic Risk (Beta) An Empirical Study On Indian Stock Market

358. Valuation Of Multi Name Credit Derivatives

359. Various Types Of Investment And What Is The Right Time To Invest In Different Option Available In Market

360. Study on Employee Motivation

361. Venture Capital In India

362. Welfare Facility Provided To Employees By Bank Of India Project Report

363. Why Individual Investors Want Dividends

364. Working Capital -Siemens

365. Working Capital Management

366. Working Capital Management In Jain Irrigation

367. Working Capital Management In Textile Industry

368. Financial Statement Analysis at Balco

You can download and see more than 600+ project in our MBA section.



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  6. Umesh You can see our Telecomm Section.

  7. do you have this project A-Report-On-Credit-Appraisal-Of-Industrial-Finance-F or-Sme’S..?? or any project related to SME financing..??

  8. Tarun you can have a look at http://www.final-yearprojects.co.cc/2010/11/mba-report-on-credit-appraisal-of.html

  9. I Want a project report on employee related expenses which include traveling and accommodation, mobile handsets and datacard, insurance and other expenses.

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  12. hey can i gt a project urgently on portfolio management and investment decision.

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  16. @Pavneet : There are lots of project for Working Capital Management. You can also use search option for it.

  17. Sir, will you pl send me project reports on Inventory Control, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management and Procurement Management to milindsawant_mvs@rediffmail.com. Tx n Rgds,

  18. Sir, will you pl send me project reports on Inventory Control, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management and Procurement Management to milindsawant_mvs@rediffmail.com. Tx n Rgds,

  19. Hi Milind, Please see below link


    You can also use search option to find more projects.

  20. 292. Ratio Analysis
    is there project on working capital management?

  21. There are lots of project on Working capital Management. Just search for it. Example: http://www.final-yearproject.com/2011/10/working-capital-management-at-kirloskar.html

  22. I want project report no.
    240. International Trade Finance Project Report

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    146. A-Report-On-Credit-Appraisal-Of-Industrial-Finance-For-Sme’S
    191. Credit-Appraisal-For-Working-Capital-Finance-To-Small-And-Medium-Enterprises-At-Xxxx-Bank
    215. Exim Bank Project
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