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Apr 23, 2013

Study on Employees Absenteeism in Spinco

This is MBA project report on "employee’s absenteeism in Spinco." and done for summer training project work. The employee absenteeism is booming HR issue in many industries .It helps to know the employee satisfactions level and it help to find cause of employee absenteeism, based on certain factor like working condition, leadership style, work stress, leave days, and salary level. This study can be helpful to the management to improve its core weaknesses by the suggestions and recommendations prescribed in the project. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for more such projects and seminar.

The main objective of this study are to analyze the master attendance and to find the rate of absenteeism, to improve the production level by reducing absenteeism, to find the reason for major absenteeism in particular department, to suggest controlling tools to reduce absenteeism, to find out the reason for avoidable and unavoidable absenteeism, to know the types of facilities and welfare activities for the employee’s benefit.

Recommended Project: Study on Absenteeism of Workers

This project conducted survey to measure the level of employee’s absenteeism. This project is help full for those further those who are under going the project in the concept of employee’s absenteeism and to know the reason for the absenteeism. Use this report for your reference and study work only.




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