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Apr 29, 2013

P-N Diode Diffusion Technique

There are lots of topics for your Electronics engineering seminar but the most basic and interesting topic can be PN diode diffusion technique. Diffusion of P-N diode involve many processes and techniques like chemical cleaning of silicon wafer, silicon oxidation process, photo-lithography, silicon etching etc. In a very simple words, the process of forcefully introduction of impurity atoms or normally called as doping atoms into the pure single crystal silicon is called Diffusion. Get latest seminar and projects topics on your mail for free by subscribing to our newsletter.

P-N Diode Diffusion Technique

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Diffusion may be of two types as follows:-

1. Thermal diffusion:- in this type of diffusion, the silicon wafers are heated in presence of doping atoms.

2. Ionic diffusion:- a highly energized ionic beam is allowed to strike the silicon wafer so that diffusion becomes possible.

1. Diffusion process is commonly used in the formation of collector, emitter and base in the bipolar devices.
2. Diffusion is also used in making diodes, transistors etc. which are used in I.C.

This seminar report includes detail information about all the processes involved in diffusion of PN diode for your reference.



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