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Mar 2, 2015

Study on Absenteeism of Workers

Study on Absenteeism of workers is MBA project carried on Nutrine. This is HR project for MBA students, use this for reference and study. Employees’ presence at the organization during the schedule time is highly essential for the smooth running of the production process in particular and the organization in general. Irrespective of the significance of presence, employees sometime fail to report to the work place during the scheduled time, which is known as “Absenteeism”. This study focus on same and will cover type of absenteeism, calculations of absenteeism, features etc. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Study on Absenteeism of Workers

Absenteeism has been multifariously outlined by the Authorities from time to time. so the term absence refers to the staff absence from his regular task, once he's scheduled to figure. Any staff be from work if he has taken leave to that he's entitled or on the grounds of illness or some accident with none previous sanction of leave.

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Study of absence among Industrial employee isn't solely from read purpose of however it's necessary from the read purpose of ethical of staff. albeit the impact of the great morale of staff, might not be calculated in terms of prices, however it ought to be aforementioned that, it's necessary than price.

Types of Absenteeism

Absenteeism is of four types viz…

1. Authorized Absenteeism.
2. Unauthorized Absenteeism.
3. Willful Absenteeism.
4. Absenteeism caused by circumstances beyond one’s control.

Absenteeism rate can be calculated for different employees and for different time periods like month & year. The frequency rate reflects the incidence of absence and is usually expressed as the no of separate absence in a given period, irrespective of absence. The frequency rate represents the average no of absence per worker in a given period.


The Study aims at assessing the absenteeism in workers.

1. To conduct a detailed study on Absenteeism of Nutrine.
2. To identify the various that lead to Absenteeism.
3. To identify the variables that reduces the rate of Absenteeism
4. To find out the rate of Absenteeism in Nutrine.
5. To find out causes of Absenteeism & suggest remedies to reduce it

There is a transparent relationship between high absence and staff ethical, as a result of it will simply copied that these department having high rate of absence have low ethical.

There is a transparent relationship between employee’s attitude & absence. They're associated with one another. Therefore employee’s angle & morale area unit the necessary factors. Labors is Human issue, thus thought shall even be taken into consideration within the discussion of downside connected within the absence has been continuous to be one amongst the main labors downside in Indian Industries.



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