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May 8, 2014

Project on Short Range Personal Radar

RADAR is an acronym of RAdio Detection And Ranging and mainly use to detect the object and this project on short range personal RADAR system will also aim to create a Radar system which works on IR. The system will measure only close proximity at an angle of 90 degrees. The range of system is roughly 4-30cm, 20-150cm & 1m-5.5m depending upon which sensor you choose to use.

You must have seen Short-Range Radar (SRR) which normally operate around a car when in motion to detect possible impacts with obstacles, such as other cars, walls, pedestrians, etc. so that safety measures may be triggered automatically, such as pre-tensioning of seat belts and inflating airbags. Thus project can also be well used in above scenario. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Block diagram of Short Range Personal Radar

Working of this project "short range personal radar" is based on simple AND NOT logic and when sensor sense the any object it send the signal to sensor circuit where we used a comparator which compare the value of sensor to the threshold and give either 1 or 0.

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Application of this project are many like car parking, bank safety, object detection, small range coordinate detection, proximity specific detection etc. This project report contains PCB design process, required component list, block diagram, working principle, pin diagram, advantages etc. Use this report only for your reference and study purpose.

Author:- Raghvendra Singh Patel, Rahul Kumar, Siddhartha Singh



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