May 6, 2009

Multi Level Car Parking System

This project show's the basic multilevel car parking system with two floors. Although the concept with two floors is shown, it is still possible to show this concept on multiple floors. Also, in this project, it is shown that the two floors with 4 sensors on each floor. The lift carries the car to each floor. Along with these 8 sensors, we use two separate sensors for each floor. With the help of these sensors, the lift stops automatically. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Multi Level Car Parking System

A new multi-storey car areas offer best probable versatility with the realization regarding the best possible airport parking option. A simple airport parking course of action where the car owner does not have to maneuver his / her car or even travel in reverse, guarantees top convenience and also security.

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When we press a start switch, the lift automatically starts and immediately senses the space in the parking station. If the space is available, the lift will start or stop on particular floor, which is displayed in the LCD. If no space is available, the lift stops and displays the message “no space”. If all the spaces are vacant, the lift will park the vehicle on priority basis.

Special thanks to my friends Rahul, Shrey and Shashank, who completed this report.


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