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Jun 12, 2016

Planning and Design of Net Zero Energy Residential Building

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The proposed Civil engineering project on "Net zero residential building" is located at Urapakkam. The NZERB has G+1 floor. The aggregate area surface covered by the Net zero energy residential building is 99 square meters. coCnfiguration should be accomplished for the proposed NZERB using Indian standard codes. There are three main phases in a construction project which are planning, designing and estimation. The first stage in a project is planning, in which preparation of layout of plot has to be done. To conclude the project a detailed estimate of the residential building has also been prepared. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Planning and Design of Net Zero Energy Residential Building

With the increasing development in the country day by day need of "net zero energy residential building" has also increased. Adopting such building formation can save energy consumption locally and as well as on global scale and we also get huge amount of saving on our electricity bill. The proper design and alignment of the building can make the building cheaper than that of the conventional type of buildings. Usage of hollow bricks and avoidance of columns and beams will result in lowering of temperature inside the building.

Recommended Project: Planning and Design of Net Zero Energy Residential Building

Objective of this project

1. Design a building with Net zero energy concept.

2. To eliminate the necessity of active energy loads on the building.

3. Comparing the net zero energy building with conventional building.

Designing concept of Net zero energy building depends upon many factors. Net-zero energy buildings start with energy-conscious design. A zero-energy residential building is a building with zero net energy consumption. A net-zero energy (NZE) building is one that relies on renewable sources to produce as much energy as it uses, usually as measured over the course of a year.

To eliminate the necessity of active energy loads on the building solar panels are used. Solar panels is one of the technologies used to achieve net-zero status. To eliminate the necessity of active energy loads solar techniques are used which include the use of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors to harness the energy.

Ground Floor Plan of Net Zero Energy Residential Building

The ground floor of the building consist of one hall, two bedrooms, one dinning, one kitchen. The allocations of the rooms in the plan has been done with due consideration of sun diagram as per the requirement of zero energy building. The plan has been prepared using Auto CAD software.

The future scope of such residential building can be extended to designing the "Net Zero Energy Residential Building" which produces its own electricity, thus we can save a huge amount in electricity bill. Use this Civil project report for your reference and study only.

Author:- Karthik.V, Sasidhar Reddy.K.V, Neeraj Porwal, Abhinav. N


Jun 9, 2016

Solar Distill Water Feed Stock to Industrial Boilers Chemical Engineering Project

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This is a good Chemical Engineering project report on "solar distill water as a feed stock to industrial boilers". Distillation is one of many processes that can be used for water purification. This requires an energy input, as heat, solar radiation can be the source of energy. In this process, water is evaporated, thus separating water vapour from dissolved matter, which is condensed as pure water. This report includes objective of efficient solar and its designing. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

For individuals worried about the nature of their municipally-supplied drinking water and troubled with different techniques for extra sanitization accessible to them, solar distillation of tap water or saline groundwater can be a lovely, vitality effective choice. This water can be utilized for some reasons. One of it's industrial application is, "Distilled water is utilized as a food stock for Industrial Boilers".

Solar Distill Water Feed Stock To Industrial Boilers

Above figure demonstrates a single-basin still. The principle components of operation are the same for all sunlight based stills. The episode sun powered radiation is transmitted through the glass cover and is retained as warmth by a dark surface in contact with the water to be refined. The water is hence warmed and emits water vapor. The vapor gathers on the glass spread, which is at a lower temperature since it is in contact with the surrounding air, and keeps running down into a canal from where it is bolstered to a capacity tank.

Recommended Project: Design of Multi Component Distillation Column by Approximate & Rigorous Method

This report also gives information about softener design, makeup water, water softeners, boiler and there types. Use this report for your reference and study work.

Author:- Adabla Kumar Sanjay, B.Vamsi, M.Srikanthjackie


May 24, 2016

SoC Estimation of Rechargeable Batteries

May 24, 2016 - 0 Comments

This is M.Tech project which aims at developing a novel method to estimate the SoC and remaining run time of a rechargeable battery which overcomes the drawbacks of existing methods. The proposed method is based on renowned Coulomb Counting technique. The proposed method predicts the SoC by Coulomb Counting method and corrects it using PI controller by employing a closed loop to estimate actual SoC. The proposed method is simple and easy to implement. The SoC as well as remaining run time are estimated accurately. You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Battery is the most broadly used energy storage gadget. Since its creation, it has turned into a typical force hotspot for different family unit, business and mechanical applications. Regardless of its steadily expanding significance, numerous difficulties stay unsolved to portray and deal with the battery. Among them, one central issue is the estimation of condition of charge (SoC).

SoC Estimation of Rechargeable Batteries

SoC, communicated in rate, alludes to the measure of limit accessible in a battery. SoC is basic for displaying and overseeing batteries. On the off chance that SoC is 100%, mirrors a full battery and if SoC is 0%, mirrors a void battery.

Data on SoC can be utilized to control charging and releasing procedure of the batteries. A decent SoC estimation offers numerous focal points, for example, longer battery life, better battery execution and expanded dependability of battery pack. There are a few techniques for deciding SoC.

Recommended Project: Hybrid Vehicle: Design and Development

The proposed technique predicts the SoC by Coulomb Counting strategy and amends it utilizing PI controller by utilizing a shut circle to appraise genuine SoC. The proposed technique is straightforward and simple to execute. The SoC and in addition remaining runtime are assessed precisely.

In light of the new technique, a model is created utilizing MATLAB/SIMULINK. The code comparing to create model is dumped in an objective PC and is keep running continuously for online estimation of SoC. The required parameters, for example, voltage and current at the battery terminals are gained by target PC and SoC is assessed. Evaluated SoC and remaining runtime are utilized for control the charging and releasing procedure of the battery. An equipment test seat is produced for obtaining voltage and ebb and flow at the battery terminals for online estimation of SoC.

This project on "SoC Estimation of Rechargeable Batteries" can be easily referred by many engineering branch students like Power, Electrical, Electronics, etc. Use this report for your reference and study purpose only.

Author:- Jeevan Reddy N


May 16, 2016

Design of Insulation System for Air Cooled Turbo Generator by V.P.I Process

May 16, 2016 - 0 Comments

This is a final year Electrical project on "manufacturing and design of insulation system for air cooled turbo generator by V.P.I process". In this project we have made a detailed study of the Vacuum Pressure Impregnation system of insulation. This system is employed by BHEL first in the country and second in the world next to Germany. This type is preferred as it is highly reliable and possesses good mechanical, thermal properties and di-electric strength. As the quantity of resin used is less, hence the over all cost of insulation is reduced. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Design of Insulation System for Air Cooled Turbo Generator by V.P.I Process

In this project, author has given detail study of only stator, rotor and the insulation system used for it. The parts excitation system, cooling system and bearings are external to the generator and are treated as a completed one and are out of scope of our record. Use this project for your reference and study only.

Author:- G.Venkatesh Babu, M.K.Chaitanya Sarma, M.V.Satya Teja, L.Praneeth Chaitanya


May 8, 2016

Planning, Analysis, Design and Estimation of Natural Cooling Tower

May 8, 2016 - 0 Comments

This is a Civil engineering project, which involves the "Planning, Analysis and Design of a Natural Cooling Tower". The entire design includes slab design, beam design, column design, and footing design. Estimations are made manually and using software packages. The various structural elements are made using IS 456:2000. The concrete mix used for slabs, beams and footings are of M25 and the steel used for all members are high yield strength deformed bars of grade Fe415. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

This project aim to design a simple and effective Natural Cooling Tower plan which is designed similar to the pyramid structure with slight modification to increase its efficiency instead of normal Sand-Clock like structure which involves tough calculations and tedious rafter column designs.

Civil Project Natural Cooling Tower Plan

The aggregate range of Cooling tower is 662 m2 with three compartments which are utilized for cooling the hot water supplied to it. The principal base compartment comprises of filler material above which steel grill is set to hold the dissemination channel with sprinklers which conveys the boiling hot water and sprinkles it.

The Second compartment which is over the main compartment will have a major section with opening at the inside which joins and diminishes the range of vapor achieving the top. Clearly, the vapor begins to consolidate progressively and achieves the gathering chamber at the base.

Also, the third, highest compartment comprises of unfilled space which has a substantial opening at the inside than at the Second compartment which permits the remaining vapor that turns out in the wake of consolidating at second compartment to achieve the top broadly.

Recommended Project: Civil Project on Design & Development of Shake Table

The main objectives of this project are

1. To create a new design in cooling tower construction instead of conventional structures which are tedious to built.
2. To prepare an economical and effective design using Pyramid like structure.
3. To make use of atmospheric air for natural cooling instead of electric fan.
4. To prepare simple design instead of complicated design (to avoid designing of Rafter Column as like in normal cooling tower).

In Natural Cooling Tower project, each and every part is designed by considering the safety point of view and economically. This project gives us a good practice for designing of our future projects. Use this report for your reference and study purpose.

Author:- S. Ramanan, G. Swathy, J. Arunachalam


May 2, 2016

Design & Fabrication of Regenerative Shock Absorber

May 2, 2016 - 0 Comments

This projects aim to generate electricity with the help of the shockers used in the vehicle. A regenerative shock absorber is a type of shock absorber that converts parasitic intermittent linear motion and vibration into useful energy, such as electricity. Traditional shock absorbers simply dissipate this energy as heat. When used in an electric vehicle or hybrid electric vehicle the electricity generated by the shock absorber can be diverted to its power train to increase battery life. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

In non-electric vehicles the electricity can be used to power accessories such as air conditioning. Several different systems have been developed recently, though they are still in stages of development and not installed on production vehicles.

The framework is controlled by an active mechanical and electronic system that upgrades the damping, providing a smoother ride than traditional shocks while generating electricity to recharge the batteries or operate electrical equipment.

Design and Fabrication of Regenerative Shock Absorber

The present invention is coordinated to a double utilize electro-mechanical energy transducer for a vehicle and a control system for selecting between two modes of operation: a current generating mode and a shock absorber assistant mode. In particular, the inventive system uses an electromagnetic transducer that can be selectively used to convert otherwise wasted mechanical movements in the form of vertical vibrations in a moving vehicle into electrical current for charging a battery. On the other hand, the transducer can be specifically utilized as an assistant for the shock absorbers to adjust the riding characteristics of the vehicle.

A shock absorber in common parlance (or damper in technical use) is a mechanical device designed to smooth out or dampen a sudden shock impulse and dissipate kinetic energy. It is analogous to a resistor in an electric RLC circuit.

This report contains variety of topics for study and fabrication of "regenerative shock absorber". This report includes background of invention, information about Shock Absorbers, experimental setup, design and fabrication conclusion. Use it for your reference and study work only.

Author:- Sandeep, Mahender Singh Rana, Amit Sahrma, Deepak Jakhar, Mohit Bansal


Apr 24, 2016

Automatic Hand Brake System

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In the modern lifestyle braking of cars is itself a tedious and important process. Places like Metro station, Supermarket, Local market and sometimes on streets do not have enough space for free ride so we need brake at that time. So we require a system which can make braking easy, less time taking and also using less area to stop the car. The system should also be less expensive as people will not like to spend much extra money for such accessories. Thus this project propose "Automatic Hand Brake System" which is very useful in above scenarios. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

"Automatic Hand Brake System” is an industrial project which meets the many problems efficiently. A motor with breaking system is used for the operation of automatic brake mechanism. By taking an inventory of all the essential mechanical components and doing a basic mechanical component evaluation, you can get a good idea how much the brake work efficiently.

Mechanical project on Automatic Hand Brake System

What is “Automatic Handbrake System”?

As we know that hand braking is not occur automatically. But by implementing two motors on brake with 200rpm each and one motor of 500 rpm for running front wheel, and brake will apply as the ignition off. That is why this system is named “Automatic Handbrake System”.

Recommended Project: Project on Electromagnetic Brakes

It is often used in parking lots, shopping centers and sometimes along street curbs. With a little practice, braking at minimum distance is possible so easily .

Key Elements of this project are Motor (200Rpm), Transformer (12 Kv), Transformer (12 Kv), Motor (200Rpm), Shaft, Capacitor, Wheels, Diode, Springs.

Implementation method of Automatic Hand Brake System

Suppose the vehicle reaches the place in which it has to be stop. Now the ignition is off by the driver and this condition can be sense by the sensor. In that case the sensor provide the sensing direction to the braking system. Now the braking system is effective and automatic brake is apply.

Author:- Hemant Kumar, Gaurav Tyagi, Mandeep Singh, Vikalp Sharma


Apr 15, 2016

Recruitment and Selection Process at Evershine Oleochem Ltd.

Apr 15, 2016 - 0 Comments

This is MBA summer training report at Evershine Oleochem Ltd. Bhagwanpur Roorkee covering "recruitment and selection process" at there company. The report is well written and in this 6 weeks training aim was to understanding the entire recruitment and selection process of Evershine Oleochem ltd. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Evershine Company established at Bhagwanpur in 2010 by Ruchi group to gain access in Uttrakhand and other national and international markets. At Evershine, company energetically strives to deliver the best employment options for great companies and the associate’s company place within them.

Companies make Evershine their first choice for full-time; direct hire, temp-to-hire and temporary employment agencies because company at the forefront of the ever-changing staffing industry. Company meets their clients' needs - precisely, quickly and cost-effectively - with the finest Talent.

MBA Project on Recruitment and Selection Process at Evershine Oleochem Ltd. Roorkee

Objective of the Study

1. To study & evaluate the recruitment and selection procedure followed in Evershine Oleochem Ltd.Roorkee.

2. To know the employee satisfaction level viz a viz recruitment & selection process at Evershine Oleochem Ltd Roorkee.

Recruitment and Selection are two of the most important functions of personnel management. Recruitment precedes Selection and helps in selecting a right candidate. In Evershine, recruitment and selection is also given importance and their is a dedicated HR department for this. Company guide the candidates too about the best opportunities in the marketplace, and constantly advise them in their career progression.

At Evershine, company energetically strives to deliver the best employment options for great companies and the associate’s company place within them.

Related MBA Project: Human Resource Planning in Shree Cement Limited

If there occurs problem in recruitment process that means there are definitely hurdles in selection process. This project throws a light on hurdles in recruitment and selection process. Primarily this project gives us brief idea about the recruitment and selection process and there hurdles.

This project ends with conclusion for entire study and research and with suggestions. Thanks to the author for this project report and use this report for your reference and study only. This project has 10 chapters with details study and research.

Author:- Deepa Tripathi


Apr 8, 2016

RFID Navigation System Through Voice ECE Project

Apr 8, 2016 - 0 Comments

This is a good Electronics project report on RFID navigation system through voice. In this project tags are deployed at different locations in an indoor environment, a RFID reader is interfaced to the Microcontroller (P89v51) to read the location of each tag. The location found is played with a voice chip interfaced to micro controller for assisting blind person. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a means of identifying a person or object using a radio frequency transmission. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Block diagram of RFID Navigation System Through Voice

Recommended Project: Radio Frequency Identification use in Secure Digital Lock

The above image shows the block diagram of the project. By this project, currently visually impaired and blind people travel with the help of a white cane, a dog or are escorted by a friend or mobility trainer. This report includes circuit diagram, microcontroller programming and source code, flow chart etc.


Mar 26, 2016

Comparison of Various Methods Used In Short Term Load Forecasting

Mar 26, 2016 - 0 Comments

Short term load forecasting (STLF) has become very important in the de-regulated environment. This point is highlighted by the fact that every year hundreds of papers are published on this topic which discuss or propose new methods and insights for STLF. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Short term load forecasting has become very important in modern times due to the deregulation of the power sector. Private players have come in the fields of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

Comparison of Various Methods Used In Short Term Load Forecasting

These organizations or companies are not charitable organizations and strive for maximizing their profits. One challenge before these companies is to ensure that a customer, who now has power connections from more than one provider, draws power from them only. Also to even out the load curves these organizations need to find out the valleys and the peaks in the demand and take subsequent load management steps to fill the valleys and reduce the peaks.

Recommended Project: Generation of Electricity from Wind Power

The importance of good Short Term Load Forecast (SLTF) can never be emphasized more in modern times and this is one of the pivotal reasons for existence of a large number of methods for STLF.

In this project, author has made a comparative study of these methods in this B.Tech dissertation and hence chose the following methods-

1. Feedforward Neural Networks
2. Radial Basis Function Networks
3. Discounted Multiple Regression
4. Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Systems (ANFIS)

Below are some of the conclusion of this project for your reference.

i) Forecasts rely heavily on the data and thus a detailed analysis of the data must be done prior to selection of the method for STLF. We should try to find out whether some correlation exists between the load profiles of different days of the week. If the correlation is high then day indices, if included, will not have much effect on the results. However, including them may actually give poor forecasts as the complexity of model will increase.

ii) Feed forward neural networks must be used with better learning algorithms because gradient descent method is very slow and gets stuck in local minima. Hence any second order learning algorithm should be used or validation procedures must be incorporated during the training time.

iii) Radial basis function networks are much better than feed-forward neural networks and gave much better results. They gave better testing results due to inherent generalization. However, caution must be observed in choosing the number of clusters since too many clusters make generalization poor and also a possibility of empty cluster formation exists.

There are few more conclusion which can be found in this project report on "comparison of various methods used in short term load forecasting". There are few limitations also which is discussed in this project. Use it for your study purpose and all thanks to author of this project.

Author:- Mr. Amandeep Singh, Mr. Divyanshu Negi, Mr. Himanshu Jain and Mr. Kritiman Bhattacharya


Mar 6, 2016

Accident Alert With Automatic Dialler Electronics Project Report

Mar 6, 2016 - 0 Comments

This is a good Electronics and Communication project report on Accident Alert with Automatic Dialer and is designed to prevent the accident and to inform emergency about an accident that has occurred. This project uses a glass breakage sensor that detects breakage of glass and smoke detector that detects any smoke due to fire in the vehicle. These sensors send a signal to microcontroller. A DTMF dialler is connected to the microcontroller. A basic telephone unit is interfaced to the DTMF dialler chip that sends call to the predefined mobile or emergency number and informs about this accident. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Recommended Project: DTMF Robot & Embedded System

Sometimes, vehicles large in size (i.e. trucks, loading vehicles) have problems in driving the vehicle. There are some points which are not visible from driver’s seat, these are called blind points. Some time, objects or vehicles very near to truck got accident. This problem is called blind spot. Some time due to fog, vehicles are not visible up to very less distance, and thus an accident can occur. While driving at night there can be a short nap to driver due to which accident can occur.

There are many other reasons of accident while driving, so to prevent the vehicle from accident, proximity detector is used in this project that detect an object through its range and inform the driver.

Block Diagram of Accident Alert With Automatic Dialer

You can have idea about its working by seeing above block diagram. The block diagram shows the main contents used in project. The project includes 9 volt power supply system that provides power supply to the project. At the input of
microprocessor, three detector circuits used to apply and according to their output alarm and dialer circuit works.

This report contains micro-controller code, controller diagram, block diagram, etc. Use this report for your reference and study.

Authors:- Meenakshi Garg, Kapil Gauttam, Lalita Verma, Nitesh Gupta


Mar 1, 2016

Manufacturing of Multilayer Blown Film by Extrusion Technique

Mar 1, 2016 - 0 Comments

This is a Mechanical diploma project report on "manufacturing of multilayer blown film by extrusion technique". Plastic today have become a part of everyday and everyone life. In fact it is hard to think of any human endeavor where plastic are not used in one form or the other. Its durability is more and it is easy to handle. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

This project report is precise preparation of the requirement which are necessary to set of a manufacturing unit of multilayer blown film. However, more stresses is laid on the practical approach with sufficient theoretical background. This is done to facilitate effective handling of unit. The preparation of this project report is done in most concise, compact and wild manner.

Recommended Project: Design & Analysis of AC System for Heavy Vehicles using Exhaust Heat

Forcing the molten plastic upward through a thin annular opening extrudes most film. A tube is thus made is expanded further by internal air pressure (an internal Mandrel is some time used). The tube of film is cooled by blown air and drawn through a pair of rolls to a winding section for thick film auxiliary cooling device may be used. Some films are also made by extruding through a slot opening down ward over chilled role (casting roll).

PE is the most popular extruded film pp. film, PP, is both oriented and un-oriented is in used. Films are also extruded from polystyrene, nylon and PVC with rapid growing in importance.

One of the most important special extrusion processes is the manufacture of multi-layer lay flat tabular film cross head die in use. It consist of frame work which supports a pair of nip rolls vertically above the die and which also has uncounted on it a take of roll on which the flighted tube is around.

Manufacturing of Multilayer Blown Film by Extrusion Technique
Above image shows Kabra Extrusion Multilayer Blown Film Machine.

The diameter of the blown film is usually between one and three times. The diameter of the die orifice, so that one die can often then used to produced a wide range of film width as well as blowing the tubler film and thus reducing its wall thickness by lateral stretching the rate of take off by the nip roll is adjusted to give a longitudinal drawn down and in this way the degree of orientation and thus the relative tensile strength the film parallel to and perpendicular to its length is adjusted.

This report includes all the chapters and details for completing this project like selection of site and plant layout, manufacturing unit and equipment, etc. Use this report for your reference and study only, thanks to author of this project.

Author:- Adnan ahmad


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