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Jan 27, 2018

Understand the Ecosystem in Digital Media Marketing

This is a very innovative project on "Understand the ecosystem in digital media marketing", done by management students. This report explains the cruciality of digital media marketing in present time & will help the reader to get an idea about the Industry, Indian population and digital media, concepts of digital marketing, Duties, and responsibility of client servicing executives in an agency, steps involved in client servicing and Consumer buying behaviour in the digital era. After reading the whole report the reader can able to understand the reason behind the increase of digital media marketing. You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Understand the Ecosystem in Digital Media Marketing

This Management project report on “Understand the system of digital media marketing” has many objectives. This first one is to grasp the necessity of shoppers, formulating ways for shoppers, capital punishment those ways to realize their complete objectives and perceive the amendment in shopper shopping for behavior in the digital era.

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Methodologies used for achieving these objectives measure shopper conjugation and a groundwork. For achieving initial 3 objectives, I even have done shopper conjugation in the Isobar Republic of India. By doing shopper conjugation I got the probability to figure with widespread brands like ITC, United Spirits, Amante, 3M, Ola cabs, Junggle.com, Wipro, and Sterling Holidays. For achieving the fifth objective, I even have done one analysis victimization a web form. The title of the analysis is “Understand the patron shopping for the behaviour of Indian in the digital era”.

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Main findings of this place report are given here. Indian customers square measure extremely info seekers. They collect additional info a couple of product before shopping for it. web penetration in the Republic of India is vital player for this development. Most of Indians are becoming input through advertisements, however, they're not getting to finish the section of shoppers purchase journey, primarily in high involvement purchases. Brands are becoming additional bit purpose to achieve their target cluster during this digital era. additional details concerning findings square measure given this report.

Digital marketing is the promotion of your business, organization or brand using channels such as the Internet, mobile devices, television and radio in addition to using creative online advertising, video, podcasts and other such methods to communicate your message. Internet marketing, in particular, plays a huge part in any digital marketing strategy and is becoming the core of many organizations overall marketing strategies, particularly with regard to social media and viral marketing.

Digital marketing ecosystem is not only concerned with internet marketing and social media marketing, in the introduction we discussed that peoples have a belief that internet or social media marketing are same but not same, be clear from the beginning itself. Digital marketing ecosystem consists of internet marketing and social media marketing. They are just a channels for communication, digital ecosystem consist of integrating channels and integrating services.

Author:- Asams V.K



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