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Jan 30, 2018

Building Construction Shear Walls Civil Project Report

This is a good to make Civil seminar report on "building construction shear walls". The report starts with the introduction of Shear walls as vertical elements of the horizontal force resisting system and tells about the purpose of constructing shear walls i.e Shear walls are constructed to counter the effects of the lateral load acting on a structure. It also tells us about comparisons of shear wall with construction of conventional load bearing walls. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Civil Project on Shear Walls

This report also tells us about forces on the shear wall. The 2 important forces which act are shear forces and uplift forces. This is a good seminar report to be made and use it for your reference and study to build your own Civil project report. Shear wall buildings are usually regular in plan and in elevation. However, in some buildings, lower floors are used for commercial purposes and the buildings are characterized with larger plan dimensions at those floors.

In other cases, there are setbacks at higher floor levels. Shear wall buildings are mostly used for residential purposes and can house from 100 to 500 inhabitants per building. Apart from resisting gravity/vertical loads, they are also designed for lateral loads of earthquakes/wind. The walls are structurally integrated with roofs/floors (diaphragms) and other lateral walls running across at right angles, thereby giving the 3D stability for the building structures.

Shear wall structural systems are more stable. Because, their supporting area (total cross-sectional area of all shear walls) with reference to total plans area of the building, is comparatively more, unlike in the case of RCC framed structures.

Building Construction Shear Walls

This Civil engineering project report also contains comparisons of the shear wall with the construction of conventional load bearing walls, different forces on the wall, functions of shear walls, classification, etc.

Advantage of Shear Walls in Buildings

Properly designed and detailed buildings with shear walls have shown very good performance in past earthquakes. Shear walls in high seismic regions require special detailing. However, in past earthquakes, even buildings with sufficient amount of walls that were not especially detailed for seismic performance (but had enough well-distributed reinforcement) were saved from collapse. Shear wall buildings are a popular choice in many earthquake-prone countries, like Chile, New Zealand, and the USA.

Shear walls are easy to construct because reinforcement detailing of walls is relatively straightforward and therefore easily implemented at the site.

Shear walls are also said to be efficient, both interims of construction cost and effectiveness in minimizing earthquake damage in structural and nonstructural elements like glass windows and building contents. Do download this project report and let us know what you think about this Civil project through your comments.



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