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Jul 2, 2016

Civil Project on Design of R.C.C. Over Head Tank

This is a Civil engineering project on design of R.C.C. over head tank. Storage reservoirs and overhead tank are used to store water, liquid petroleum, petroleum products and similar liquids. The force analysis of the reservoirs or tanks is about the same irrespective of the chemical nature of the product. All tanks are made as crack free structures to remove any leakage. This project gives in brief, the theory behind the design of liquid retaining structure (Elevated circular water tank with domed roof and conical base) using working stress method. Elements are design in limit state method. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

RCC Over head tank

Water tanks are categorized under three heads, viz. 1. Tanks resting on ground, 2. Elevated tanks supported on stagging & 3. underground tanks. They can also be classified as per their shapes.

In water retaining structure a dense impermeable concrete is required therefore,proportion of fine and course aggregates to cement should besuch as to give high quality concrete. Concrete mix weaker than M20 is not used. The minimum quantity of cement in the concrete mix shall be not less than 30 kN/m3. The design of the concrete mix shall be such that the resultant concrete issue efficiently impervious. Efficient compaction preferably by vibration is essential.

Design of liquid retaining structure is different from ordinary R.C.C, structures as it requires that concrete should not crack and hence tensile stresses in concrete should be within permissible limits. A reinforced concrete member of liquid retaining structure is designed on the usual principles ignoring tensile resistance of concrete in bending.

Objective of this study are to make a study about the analysis and design of water tanks, to make a study about the guidelines for the design of liquid retaining structure according to IS Code, to know about the design philosophy for the safe and economical design of water tank, etc. Use it for your reference and study only.

Author:- G.Hemalatha and J.Tejaswi



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