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Jan 24, 2016

Behavior of Strip Footing on Multi-layered Geogrid Reinforced Sand Bed

This project concerns to the study of the behavior of centrally loaded strip foundation on multi layered geo-grid reinforced sand bed. This is a B.Tech thesis for Civil engineering which Soil Reinforcement technique and its use. Soil Reinforcement is a powerful and dependable procedure for enhancing the quality and solidness of soil. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

The fortified soil or mechanically settled earth is a compacted soil fill, reinforced by the consideration of pliable components such as geogrids, geotextiles, metal bars and strips. It is presently settled in substantial development industry for the development of structures such as holding dividers, banks over delicate soil, steep inclines and so on.

Lab model test results for a definitive bearing limit of a strip establishment upheld on multi-layered geogrid strengthened sand and subjected to focal stacking are exhibited. One and only sort of geogrid Tensar BX1100 and one assortment of sand at one relative thickness were utilized. A definitive bearing limits got from model tests have been contrasted and the hypothesis given by Huang and Menq (1997).

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The reinforced soil is the soil in which its engineering behavior is improved by providing the metallic, synthetic or geogrids. The strategy of ground change by giving support was additionally by and by in long time past days.

Babylonians manufactured ziggurats more than three thousand years back utilizing the standard of soil support. A part of the Great Wall of China is additionally an illustration of strengthened soil development. Fundamental standards hidden fortified soil development was not totally examined till Henry Vidal of France who exhibited its wide application and built up a sane outline technique.

In this proposition, the after effects of test studies on union less soil, strengthened with geogrids has been exhibited. Tests have been led with the procurement of geogrids in various layers up to four layers at different dispersing and the outcomes have been contrasted and the aftereffects of unreinforced condition. The exploratory qualities have been contrasted and the hypothetical qualities got from Huang and Menq mathematical statement, 1997.

The provision of geogrid reinforcement imparts anisotropic mechanical properties, increased stiffness, tensile strengths, increased bearing capacity to the foundation soil. Use this project for your reference and study work only. All credits goes to author of this project.

Author:- Manas Mohanty | Source: NIT Rourkela



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