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Mar 24, 2014

Training Need Identification in Escorts Ltd.

Training need identification is a type of tool which can be used to identify what educational courses or activities should be provided to employees to improve their work productivity. In many companies external training is provided to employee free of cost to improve their skills. The focus for providing such training should be placed on needs as opposed to desires of the employees for a constructive outcome. This MBA dissertation project is done in Escorts limited You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Training Need Identification in Escorts Ltd.

Identification of training needs (ITN), if done properly, provides the idea on which all different coaching activities is thought-about. Additionally requiring careful thought and analysis, it's a method that has to be meted out with sensitivity as people's learning is vital to them, and therefore the name of the organization is additionally at stake. Identification of need wants is vital from each the structure purpose of deem well as from a person's purpose of read.

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Organization’s objectives is achieved solely through harnessing the talents of its individuals, emotional potential and maximising opportunities for development, so individuals should recognize what they have to be told so as to realize structure goals. From a person's purpose of read, individuals have aspirations, they need to develop and so as to be told and use new skills, and folks would like acceptable opportunities, resources, and conditions. Therefore, to satisfy people's aspirations, the organization should give effective and enticing learning resources and conditions.

Objective of this report

1. To identify Training Needs in the organization.
2. To understand various Training Programs being conducted in Escorts.
3. To give suggestions on how to improve the Effectiveness of Training.

Training Need Identification & Analysis is the integral part of the company Human resource development (HRD) policy. You must have heard or seen some company policy pages where training waiver is written and how much claim can be taken from company by employee. HRD process with starts with TNA which assess an Organization‘s training needs.

Our TNA program is aligned with corporate goals. A training need exists when there is a gap between what is required of an employee to perform their work competently and what they actually know. Training is very important part of employee and as well as for company for better productivity and growth.

Author:-Gautam Singh Gusain



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