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Oct 19, 2010

BioTechnology Projects and Seminar Topics

As we have Project and seminar on every branch of Engineering, we thought to have projects and seminar topic in Biotechnology also which has emerged as a revolution in medical science.We will be regularly updating the Biotechnology projects and seminar topic in case you need any project, please post in the FYP i.e Final Year Project forum. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

List of Biotechnology Projects and Seminar Topics

DNA Computing
Nano biosensors
Brain Finger Printing
Stem cell technology to cure eye diseases
DNA Computing
Designer Babies
Bio-Inspired Robotics
Enzyme technology in beverage industry
Worldwide Interoperability for Bio-metrics-Seminar
Nanotechnology-Shaping Future
Antisense Technology for crop improvement
Biomedical Applications Of MEMS
Nanobots: The Artificial Blood
Bio-Artificial Liver
Advanced Learning Methodologies In Artificial Neural Networks
Atuidor -The Voices Of The Dumb
Biometric Person Authentication
Auto-Titrating pH Meter
Micro factories: microbial production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals
Biological hydrogen production
Plant biotechnology for crop improvement
Mycotechnology: the role of fungi in biotechnology Applications of biotechnology and genomics in goats
Biotechnological applications of microbial proteomes
Gene silencing and DNA methylation processes
Post-transcriptional gene silencing in plants
RNA-mediated gene silencing in non-pathogenic and pathogenic fungi
Gene silencing in human embryonic stem cells by RNA interference
Normal stem cells and cancer stem cells: similar and different
Apotheosis signaling in cancer stem cells
The stem cell niche in health and malignancy

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