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Feb 7, 2010

Atuidor The Voices of the Dumb

Atuidor -The Voices of the dumb is a good seminar topic for electronics students and can also be used by Bio- Students. It is an alternative to Dumb people. The main working principle of this paper is conversion of the standard sign language of the dumb to a voice signal, which serves as a mouthpiece for dumb people using neural networks.You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects.

This project is divided into 4 part as given below.

1. Conversion of real time movements to digital data
2. Data’s are compared to existing standard values and processed
3. Appropriate words are assigned and converted into text format
4. Convert the obtained text format to voice mode

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Ability to speak is a gift from god to mankind, but not all of us enjoy it. The speaking disability is not a fault of those (dumb), but ever since man started facing difficulties he has tried some or other ways to overcome it and here is one of the technologies which provides to those of whom the god had forgotten, the most important power.



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