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Sep 15, 2009

Seminar on Brain Fingerprinting

Brain fingerprinting is based on finding that the brain generates a unique brain wave pattern when a person encounters a familiar stimulus. Use of functional magnetic resonance imaging in lie detection derives from studies suggesting that persons asked to lie show different patterns of brain activity than they do when being truthful. Issues related to the use of such evidence in courts are discussed. The author concludes that neither approach is currently supported by enough data regarding its accuracy in detecting deception to warrant use in court.

Seminar on Brain Fingerprinting

Brain fingerprinting is a dubious offered investigative process in which procedures recognition regarding familiar stimuli by means of testing power brain wave reactions to be able to words and phrases, phrases, or even images which have been presented on a screen.

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Brain Finger printing is made to decide whether or not a person realizes specific data associated with a celebration or pastime by means of testing electric powered head trend replies for you to text, keyword phrases, or photos offered over a display screen. This approach is usually utilized merely with conditions exactly where researchers include an adequate amount of specific specifics of a celebration or pastime that might be known just to the actual criminal and private investigator.

Brain fingerprinting technology is based on the principle that the brain is central to all human acts. In a terrorist act, there may or may not be peripheral evidence such as fingerprints or DNA, but the brain of the perpetrator is always there, planning, executing, and recording the crime.


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