Jul 14, 2013

Performance Appraisal at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage

This is MBA dissertation report on performance appraisal at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage Pvt. Ltd (HCCBPL) Najibabad and is submitted in the partial fulfillment for the requirement for award of the degree of Master in Business Administration. This report is divided into 8 chapter and star with summary of the project. As the title suggest, this report will do performance appraisal analysis at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage and in this report, the research have studied & evaluated the performance appraisal process as it is carried out in the company. You can use subscription box to subscribe to latest MBA projects.

Performance Appraisal at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage

Objective of the study are as follows:

The main objective of the project was to study the performance appraisal system at Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage Pvt. Ltd (HCCBPL).

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And sub objectives are to find whether the performance appraisal system of HINDUSTAN COCA-COLA BEVERAGE PVT. LTD is fulfilling its purpose, to find out the effectiveness and suitability of PAS for promotion and additional increments, to study the satisfaction level of employees with performance appraisal system at HCCBPL etc.

This project report will contain mission & vision of coca-cola, objectives & goals of coca-cola, products of coca-cola, organization structure, manufacturing unit, manufacturing process at HCCBPL, SWOT analysis of the company. Use this report for your reference and study work only.

Author:- Mani Pahal


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