Sep 28, 2012

Human Resource Management System

Human resource management system or HR center aims to develop a software application that supports the application specific to the HR automation in an intranet specific to a company there by allowing the integration of all the employees pertaining to that organization. To keep track of all the other departments related to that organization such as marketing, development etc. This project report is specially for Computer Science students who want to make project in automation. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Human resource management system

The HR Center includes a comprehensive employee information database, work information, beneficiary information, and more for each employee. It comes standard with employee self-service access allowing employees to update their personal information, request time off or input their daily time sheet entries. This project can be used to identify a employee in the organization. The project maintains the details of the entire employee. Each employee is given with different employee Id.

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This project is build using VB.Net language in front end and MS Access at back end. and includes UML diagram, data diagrams etc. and can also be used for MBA (IT) project reference work.

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