Dec 12, 2009

Get Free MATLAB & Simulink in Academia CD

Now you can get Free MATLAB & Simulink in Academia CD ship to your home or college by just filing a simple form.This CD features popular academic webinars that demonstrate how MathWorks products can be applied in a range of disciplines.

CD also include also include Q&A sessions led by MATLAB experts!

* The Origins of MATLAB
* MATLAB for Teaching
* Parallel Computing with MATLAB
* MATLAB for Excel Users
* Introduction to Econometrics Toolbox
* Solving Data Management and Analysis Challenges Using MATLAB and Statistics Toolbox
* Teaching Computational Biology with MATLAB: A Focus on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
* Interfacing to External Devices from MATLAB
* New Tools for Symbolic Computing in MATLAB
* Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing of a Position Control System
* Introduction to Simulink for Control Design
* Introduction to Simulink

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