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Apr 24, 2020

Employee Absenteeism in East Cast and Forge Limited

This is an MBA dissertation on "employee absenteeism in East Cast and Forge Limited". The project starts with the company profile and then tells you about its objective, research methodology, data interpretation and analysis, and many other things. If you are also making your project on employee absenteeism, then this project report could be your reference point. You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Employee Absenteeism in East Cast and Forge Limited

Objectives of the Study

The aim of the research and study undertaken which is to be kept in mind while undertaking my project work. The present study is conducted to achieve the following specific objectives:

1. To study the causes of Absenteeism in ECFL.

2. To study the effect of absenteeism on employees as well as on the organization.

3. To suggest suitable measures to control absenteeism.

4. To suggest policies and procedures to manage absenteeism.

Concept of Absenteeism

As per Wikipedia, Absenteeism is a habitual pattern of absence from a duty or obligation without good reason.

If we talk about the Absenteeism rate, it is defined as the total man shifts lost because of absences as a percentage of the total number of man shifts scheduled according to the circular issued by the government of India to provincial governments. Absenteeism has also been defined as the failure of workers to report on the job when they are scheduled to work, i.e. when their names are actually on the payrolls of the organization.

Seligman refers to absenteeism to time lost in the industrial establishment by the avoidable or unavoidable absence of employees.

Measuring absenteeism and showing it in an individual system is not an easy task, because while estimating absenteeism one has to consider multiple parts that influence absenteeism and also to trace the various types of absentees.

The conventional formula used by the labor bureau to calculate the absenteeism rate is the ratio of the amount of man shift lost due to absences to the number of man shifts scheduled to work.

Types of Absenteeism

Economists have divided the concept of absenteeism in many types according to their philosophy and logic. Some very common categories are:

1. Total absenteeism: It indicates the absence of workers at a given time that is scheduled to work but remain absent for any reason whatsoever, excluding lay-off & lock-out. Reasons may be left with wages, authorized leave, unauthorized leave, sickness, accidents, lay-off, casual leave & privilege leave, strikes & hartals, and other reasons such as a visit to home town & paid holidays.

2. True absenteeism: It means out of the above specified 9 causes excluding the reasons for which the workers are not directly or personally responsible. It includes lay-off, lock-outs, strikes & hartals.

3. Excused absenteeism: Excused absenteeism means the absence of work for a bonafide cause. It may be because of self-illness or due to an accident in the course of employment.

4. Unexcused absenteeism: Unexcused absenteeism means an absence as a habit and not as a necessity.

5. Vacation absenteeism: when workers visit their native places during summer vacations of their children. It may be authorized & in most of the cases with wages.

6. Avoidable & Unavoidable Absenteeism: There may be reasons which can be avoided by the worker such as participation in festivals or overstay at the local place, in marriages, and other religious functions. But there may be certain major reasons for absence which are unavoidable. For these reasons workers have to remain absent irrespective of the fact that whether they get wages during that absence or not.

7. Sickness absenteeism: Sickness absenteeism accounts a high percentage of total absenteeism in an industrial undertaking.

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Limitations of the Study

1. Due to limitations of time & cost, only one factory has been selected for research purposes.

2. As the interview schedule was prepared in English, the exact translation was not possible. Moreover, there was a difficulty for the workers to understand certain questions.

3. The sample of workers may not be representative of the total workforce.

Absenteeism is one of the socio-economic evils of industrialization. The large scale installation of industries changes the nature & characteristics of every society. Absenteeism has been defined as the failure of the workers to report for work when he is scheduled to work. Absence from work maybe because of strikes, lay-off, enjoyment of various types of leave, absence due to sickness or accident, and unauthorized leave. It is correct that there may be man-days due to strikes & lock-outs but these man-days lost are not counted to measure absence rate.

Author:- Shikha Bhatt, Ayesha Afroz, Garima Rawat, Priyanka Punetha



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