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Feb 18, 2018

Dynamic Shock Absorber

This is the final year project on "dynamic shock absorber" and its main aim is to design a dynamic suspension system that minimizes the vertical oscillations of the vehicle’s body regardless of different road conditions. A series of five modules were designed to achieve this goal. The modules generate a force similar to the effects of an uneven road that creates oscillations in the vehicle’s body. The vertical velocity of the body was determined and processed by a controller to get the required signal to suppress these oscillations. This process was implemented through the use of electromagnetic circuitry.You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

This analysis shows that there exist active suspensions systems that adapt to the road conditions instantly and square measure extremely efficient however are high in worth. because of these factors, we tend to create a replacement suspensions system that uses dynamic magnetic force shock absorbers. The system performance is economical, reasonable and performs the tasks established by the aims of this project.

Project on Dynamic Shock Absorber

In this project work, the mechanism and theory of the present suspensions system were analyzed to realize an improved understanding. A mechanical illustration of a suspension was designed supported these analyses. Coils & magnets were incorporated within the style of this model necessary to realize associate degree magnetic force shock. The dynamic equations of the system were derived exploitation this model and Newton’s laws.

Analysis of this circuit was done using the PSPICE simulation program to realize an improved understanding of however a suspension reacts to different types of road conditions. These analyses were essential to work out the required reforms that the circuit required to realize constant stability. The knowledge was the accustomed style a replacement circuit that represents our dynamic magnetic force suspension.

The simulation results obtained for the system were positive and therefore the system looks to behave virtually as desired. The subsequent report outlines a lot of detail descriptions of the planning method associate degreed results obtained for the dynamic magnetic force suspension of an automobile.

Block Diagram Dynamic Shock Absorber

The current driver module was able to supply the appropriate current to the coil to keep the vehicles body stable. The signal was modified to drive an H-Bridge in the correct way through the use of a pulse width modulator to achieve the needed current. The H-Bridge circuit showed excellent results.

The results of each individual module concluded that the system worked as desired. The results of the overall circuit modules were very promising as discussed in this report. This project report on "dynamic shock absorber", contains detailed block diagram, figures, working of the project, construction, PSPICE code, circuit diagram, etc. So, use this report for your reference and study work.

Author:- Milton J. Bermejo Calle, Besnik Pashaj, Patrick Sebuwufu



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