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Mar 1, 2016

Manufacturing of Multilayer Blown Film by Extrusion Technique

This is a Mechanical diploma project report on "manufacturing of multilayer blown film by extrusion technique". Plastic today have become a part of everyday and everyone life. In fact it is hard to think of any human endeavor where plastic are not used in one form or the other. Its durability is more and it is easy to handle. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

This project report is precise preparation of the requirement which are necessary to set of a manufacturing unit of multilayer blown film. However, more stresses is laid on the practical approach with sufficient theoretical background. This is done to facilitate effective handling of unit. The preparation of this project report is done in most concise, compact and wild manner.

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Forcing the molten plastic upward through a thin annular opening extrudes most film. A tube is thus made is expanded further by internal air pressure (an internal Mandrel is some time used). The tube of film is cooled by blown air and drawn through a pair of rolls to a winding section for thick film auxiliary cooling device may be used. Some films are also made by extruding through a slot opening down ward over chilled role (casting roll).

PE is the most popular extruded film pp. film, PP, is both oriented and un-oriented is in used. Films are also extruded from polystyrene, nylon and PVC with rapid growing in importance.

One of the most important special extrusion processes is the manufacture of multi-layer lay flat tabular film cross head die in use. It consist of frame work which supports a pair of nip rolls vertically above the die and which also has uncounted on it a take of roll on which the flighted tube is around.

Manufacturing of Multilayer Blown Film by Extrusion Technique
Above image shows Kabra Extrusion Multilayer Blown Film Machine.

The diameter of the blown film is usually between one and three times. The diameter of the die orifice, so that one die can often then used to produced a wide range of film width as well as blowing the tubler film and thus reducing its wall thickness by lateral stretching the rate of take off by the nip roll is adjusted to give a longitudinal drawn down and in this way the degree of orientation and thus the relative tensile strength the film parallel to and perpendicular to its length is adjusted.

This report includes all the chapters and details for completing this project like selection of site and plant layout, manufacturing unit and equipment, etc. Use this report for your reference and study only, thanks to author of this project.

Author:- Adnan ahmad



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