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Oct 15, 2014

Design & Analysis of AC System for Heavy Vehicles using Exhaust Heat

This is a good Mechanical project work on Design and Analysis of AC system for heavy vehicles using exhaust heat. Air conditioning is a tedious job to do when it comes to heavy vehicles like buses and trucks. The installation cost is not a problem but the operating cost is not so economical which is why these AC systems are not famous in heavy trucks. The main motto of our project in energy conservation. From past, the cabins of vehicles are been heated using heat energy from radiator during winters which is one way of conserving energy as we are utilizing waste heat but during summers we use the AC system to cool the cabin which puts extra load on engine and as a result the total work produced by the engine divides up though we have waste heat available at the exhaust. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Design and Analysis of AC System for Heavy Vehicles using Exhaust Heat

The only objective of the project work is to alter the present AC System of vehicle by removing its compressor which is the maximum power consuming component in the system and replace it with the Heat Exchanger Cum Generator which instead of putting extra load on engine will absorb the heat from waste flue gases and produce ammonia vapours which will produce cooling effect in the passenger’s compartment. By doing this we will not use the useful energy of the engine but at the same time can enjoy the cooling effect by just utilizing the waste heat.

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Air conditioning's main principles are Evaporation, Condensation, Compression and Expansion. And we use different components to perform these different processes.

As discussed above, all the parts of the Vapour Compression System and the VARS are same except the compression component, therefore our field of work is design and analysis of the system that will extract the heat from the flue gases flowing out of exhaust manifold and use it for heating the aqueous solution of refrigerant to produce ammonia vapour which can be used for air conditioning of cabin of vehicle.

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All other parts of the AC system are already available and the only innovative aspect of this project is the design of heat exchanger cum generator. Hence we declare it as our field of work in the Capstone project.

The main intention behind the project work is Conservation of Energy. By making this project we are trying to utilize the waste heat emitted by the engine for the cooling purpose of the passenger compartment. This will help to reduce the extra burden form the engine and we will get air conditioning in big vehicles at minimum operating cost.

This report includes complete work plan, basic principle involved, power requirement, design, research and construction of design & analysis of AC System for heavy vehicles using exhaust heat. Thanks to the author of the project.

Author:- Baljeet Singh



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