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Jul 28, 2014

Mechanical Project on Solar Air Cooling

This is very innovative Mechanical project on Solar air cooling. Solar air conditioning has great potential. Sunlight is most plentiful in the summer when cooling loads are highest. The new solar air-conditioning system takes a much different approach. It is a thermally driven system that differs from earlier thermal systems in that it is designed to work with low-temperature solar collectors and includes low-cost energy storage.

Energy is stored in the form of a concentrated salt solution that can be used to provide dehumidification. A cooler with a special heat exchanger design combines the dehumidification from the desiccant with cooling from evaporation of water to provide air conditioning. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Solar Air Cooling

The overall objective of the project is to demonstrate a thermally driven solar air conditioner that has the potential of being economically viable compared to conventional electrically driven systems. The immediate objectives were to obtain component test data and modeling results that can be used to support the overall objective.

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Above figure shows a schematic diagram of a proposed thermal driven solar air conditioner that addresses the problems of the earlier systems. The basic idea is to use a desiccant liquid (preferably calcium chloride, CaCl2) for cooling and dehumidifying. The cooler uses the calcium chloride to dehumidify the air. Water is evapouratively cooled with exhaust air. Approximate air dry-bulb/wet-bulb temperatures in degrees F are included in the figure for illustration purposes. This schematic shows the configuration of cooler evaluated in this project; other configurations are possible and are discussed in the copy of the patent in the appendix.

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The operation of cooler requires further explanation. The driving force behind this cooler is a temperature difference between a water surface and a desiccant surface in contact with an air stream. The temperature of a water surface is close to the wet-bulb temperature of the air, while the temperature of a desiccant surface corresponds to a higher temperature. For a concentrated solution of calcium chloride, the temperature difference between the wet-bulb and the desiccant equilibrium temperature is approximately 15 to 20 °F. The cooler provides a way of using a relatively weak desiccant to efficiently provide cooling.

Author:-Maneesh Bhardwaj



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