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Jul 7, 2013

Temperature based Fan Controlled System

This project shows one wire communication with temperature sensor DS18B20 connected to P1.2 pin. Micro-controller unit reads temperature from the sensor and prints it on the LCD. The display format of the temperature is 'xxx.xxxx°C. We tried to control fan on the basis of temperature. Main of this project is to construct a control system that can regulate (turn on/off and control speed) Fan and Fire Alarm based on room temperature at that time.

Temperature based Fan Controlled System

Temperature based fan controller uses microcontroller AT89S8253 that is capable of taking decisions on the basis of input. Crystal oscillator is used to generate frequency it is of 10MHz. This crystal is coupled with 22pf /33pf capacitor so that microcontroller circuitry get complete and it can work with programming.

The complete working of this system can be divided in the following blocks for easier understanding:

Temperature Sensor

It consists of the sensor which measures the temperature of its surrounding and communicates that data to the microcontroller. The sensor used here is DS18B20.It is a highly sensitive sensor with a resolution of less than 0.50C. It communicates with microcontroller using one wire protocol of communication.

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Microcontroller Block

Microcontroller takes the temperature data from DS18B20 temperature sensor. Based on this data it decides which device is to be operated and at what power it is to be operated. The outputs of the microcontroller are fed into the power amplifying unit. It also controls the display on the Display Unit. The microcontroller used in this project is AT89S8253.

Display Unit

It is 16*2 LCD that shows the temperature of the room at any particular instant. It also shows which appliance is being used and at what power it is being used.

Power Amplifying Block

This is the block that converts the TTL outputs of microcontroller into high power signals. These signals can then be used be used to drive appliances. This block consists of relays, relay pre-amplifiers and transistors.

Appliances Block

This block consists Fan and a DC motor whose status show the appliance used. This block is connected to the Power Amplifying Block.

Power supply Block

This consist a 12V AC to DC Adaptor and a power regulator (7805) to get 5v power supply. This 12V supply drives power amplifiers and appliances while the 5v supply drives the sensor, microcontroller and the LCD.

This project report contain full working, block diagram, component used in the project, component description. Use this report only for your reference and study work.

Author:- Prateek Kumar Verma, Ankur Gupta, Tarang Gupta & Ajay Pratap Singh



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