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Mar 6, 2016

Accident Alert With Automatic Dialler Electronics Project Report

This is a good Electronics and Communication project report on Accident Alert with Automatic Dialer and is designed to prevent the accident and to inform emergency about an accident that has occurred. This project uses a glass breakage sensor that detects breakage of glass and smoke detector that detects any smoke due to fire in the vehicle. These sensors send a signal to microcontroller. A DTMF dialler is connected to the microcontroller. A basic telephone unit is interfaced to the DTMF dialler chip that sends call to the predefined mobile or emergency number and informs about this accident. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

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Sometimes, vehicles large in size (i.e. trucks, loading vehicles) have problems in driving the vehicle. There are some points which are not visible from driver’s seat, these are called blind points. Some time, objects or vehicles very near to truck got accident. This problem is called blind spot. Some time due to fog, vehicles are not visible up to very less distance, and thus an accident can occur. While driving at night there can be a short nap to driver due to which accident can occur.

There are many other reasons of accident while driving, so to prevent the vehicle from accident, proximity detector is used in this project that detect an object through its range and inform the driver.

Block Diagram of Accident Alert With Automatic Dialer

You can have idea about its working by seeing above block diagram. The block diagram shows the main contents used in project. The project includes 9 volt power supply system that provides power supply to the project. At the input of
microprocessor, three detector circuits used to apply and according to their output alarm and dialer circuit works.

This report contains micro-controller code, controller diagram, block diagram, etc. Use this report for your reference and study.

Authors:- Meenakshi Garg, Kapil Gauttam, Lalita Verma, Nitesh Gupta



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