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Jan 1, 2010

Final Year Project Idea's - Electronics

Making project for final year is not a easy task and having an Idea of it same, so to help students here is a list of some Electronics project which will give student Idea for their final year project. All these projects are for Electronics engineering and can also be used for mini project. You can also go to our Electronics section for more projects and seminar. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Electronics Final Year Project Idea's

1 Microcontroller 89c51 based 100 watt inverter.
2 Microcontroller 89c51 based 100 watt inverter with LCD display.
3 Digital multimeter using micro-controller PIC16F877.
4 High speed data logger using micro-controller PIC16F877.
5 Microcontroller based security system.
6 Microcontroller based wireless data transmitter and receiver unit.
7 Water level indicator with LCD display.
8 Water level indicator with seven segment display.
9 GSM controlled security system.
10 GSM controlled robotic arm.
11 GSM controlled land rover.
12 Home equipment control using GSM
13 High Precision stop watch using microcontroller 89C2051.
14 Solar Panel orientation device.
15 Metro rail prototype.
16 Intelligent Temperature reader and controller ( I2C interface).
17 Token display system.
18 Electronic voting machine.
19 Temperature indicator cum controller.
20 Auto door opening robot.
21 PC controlled robotic arm.
22 Moving message display (advertising display).
23 Microcontroller based traffic light controller.
24 Microcontroller based Tachometer.
25 Microcontroller based visitor counter.
26 One touch Electrical appliances control using microcontroller 89c51.
28 Moving message display (PC interface).
29 Ir Based Unmanned Railway Crossing(Pc Interface)
30 Radar Console Simulator(Pc Interface)
31 Distance Measurement Robot(Pc Interface)
32 Wireless Object Counter For Industry(PC Interface)
33 Remote Voting System Through Mobile(PC Interface):
34 7-Segment Display(Pc Interface)
35 Auto Braking System(Pc Interface):-
36 Light Finder(Pc Interface):-
37 DTMF Switching Control Micro Controller Based
38 Access Control System For Security Control Micro Controller Based
39 Stepper Motor Control Micro Controller Based
40 Frequency Counter Micro Controller Based
41 RPM Counter (Motor Speed) Micro Controller Based
42 IR Remote Control Switch Board Micro Controller Based
43 RF Remote Microcontroller Based
44 Microcontroller Based Fire Alarm.
45 Telephone Auto Answering Machine.
46 Prepaid Energy Meter.
47 Automatic Street Light Switch.
48 USB Powered Robotic Car.
49 Radar Console With Gun Aligned Towards the Target.
50 IR Seeker Robot.
51 Path Follower Robot With Pc Interface
52 Digital Combination Lock.
53 Safety Guard For The Blind.
54 Mains Failure/Resumption Alarm.
55 Dtmf Remote Control System.
56 Garage Light And Security System.
57 PWM based Speed Control For DC Motors.
58 Device Switching Using Password.
59 Panel Frequency Meter.
60 Laser Based Communication Link.
61 Computerized Electrical Equipment Control.
62 Smart Cellphone Holder.
63 Fuel Reserve Indicator For Vehicles.
64 Auto Changeover to Generator on Mains Failure.
65 Wireless Stepper Motor Controller.
66 Pc-Based Scrolling Message Display.
67 Microcontroller Based Home Security System.
68 Microcontroller Based Monitoring System.
69 Simple Key-Operated Gate Locking System.
70 Load Protector With Remote Switching Facility.
71 Pic16F84-Based Device Coded Device Switching System
72 Audio Mixer With Multiple Controls.
73 Infrared Interruption Counter.
74 Automatic 3-Phase Induction Motor Starter.
75 Simple Smoke Dector.
76 Pc-Based Stepper Motor Controller.
77 Speed Checker For Highways.
78 Automatic Washbasin Tap Controller.
79 Sound Operated On/Off Switch.
80 Lift Overload Preventer.
81 Two-Wheeler Security System.
82 Low-Cost Energy Meter Using Ade7757.
83 Ir Remote Control For Home Appliances.
84 Programmable Timer Based on At89C8252.
85 Multidoor Opening Alarm With Indicator.
86 Digital Clock Using Discrete ICs.
87 Variable Power Supply With Digital Control.
88 A Bidirectional Visitor Counter.
89 Moving Message Over Dot-Matrix Display.
90 Microcontroller based Real-Time Clock.
91 Ir Object Counter.
92 Pic16F76 Based Dynamic Temperature Indicator And Controller.
93 Power Factor Correction.
94 Automatic Rain Timer.
95 Simple Short-Wave Transmitter.
96 At89C2051 Based Countdown Timer.
97 Pc-Based Remote Controlled Stepper Motor.
98 Microcontroller based Triggering Circuit For SCR Phase Control
99 Remote Controlled Fan Regulator.
100 3D Surround Sound System.
101 DC Changeover System With Battery Protection Unit.

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