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Aug 20, 2009

Antilock Braking System using Fuzzy Logic

Antilock Brake System(ABS) realize superior characteristics through the use of fuzzy logic based control rather than traditional control algorithms. It is implemented in automobiles to ensure optimal vehicle control and minimal stopping distances during hard or emergency braking. ABS is now accepted as an essential contribution to vehicle safety. Intel Corporation is the leading supplier of micro-controllers for ABS and enjoys a technology agreement with Inform software Corporation the leading supplier of Fuzzy Logic tools and systems.

Antilock Braking System using Fuzzy Logic

This seminar paper aims to study and tests on an experimental car with antilock-braking system (ABS) and vehicle speed estimation using fuzzy logic. Vehicle dynamics and braking systems are complex and behave strongly non-linear which causes difficulties in developing a classical controller for ABS.

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Fuzzy logic, however facilitates such system designs and improves tuning abilities. The underlying control philosophy takes into consideration wheel acceleration as well as wheel slip in order to recognize blocking tendencies.

The expertise of the real vehicle velocity is essential to calculate wheel slips. this is achieved by a fuzzy estimator, which weighs the inputs of a longitudinal acceleration sensor and 4 wheel velocity sensors.

If lockup tendency is detected, magnetic valves are switched to lessen brake stress. Overall performance assessment is primarily based both on computer simulations and an experimental automobile. To assure real time potential (one control cycle takes seven milliseconds) and to relieve the electronic manage unit (eu), all fuzzy calculations are made by the fuzzy co-processor SAE 81C99A. Measurements within the experimental car prove the functionality of this automotive fuzzy hardware system.



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